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About us

Abdo Advogados is a law firm based in Brazil with over 30 years of experience. Our team of attorneys in Brazil has a wide experience in corporate and commercial laws in Brazil and can help foreign investors understand the legal aspects of how business is done in this country. We can also provide assistance for business formation in Brazil and we can manage matters like:

  • company registration in Brazil;
  • tax support and compliance;
  • applying for the necessary business licenses;
  • legal help for litigation cases and debt collection procedures in Brazil;
  • advice on business management;
  • assistance when opening a bank account in Brazil;
  • legal supervision for visa applications, contracts, agreements, etc.

Meet our experienced lawyer below!

Jamil Abdo lawyer in Brazil

Dr. Jamil Abdo is one of the partners of Abdo Advogados and an experienced Attorney at Law. He has helped numerous clients in several legal matters. He has a strong educational background and can assist clients in various matters such as: company formation, debt collection, trademark registration, etc. He graduated in Law from Unisinos/RS and he is a post-graduate in International Law and Foreign Trade from UCS/RS and a post-graduate in Foreign Exchange and Financial Operations, Foreign Trade from FGV.

Legal assistance for debt collection in Brazil

If you are interested in debt collection and assets recovery, it is best to talk to one of your lawyers in Brazil and receive complete legal support. We can manage the legal aspects for you and your business in Brazil and we can act in compliance with the legislation.

Business management in Brazil

Organizing and controlling the business in Brazil is part of the business management which needs to be understood by foreign investors who want to set up their operations. Having an idea about how a company is run and how business is made in Brazil are part of our services, as we can provide you with the necessary information and assistance.

Legal support for company dissolution in Brazil

Company liquidation in Brazil is made through a series of procedures which can be explained by our team of advisors. Regardless of the reasons involved for your company dissolution, we can manage the entire procedure and we can also help you if you are interested in changing the business structure or profile.

Trademarks, patents, copyrights in Brazil

The registration for company trademarks in Brazil can be observed by our lawyers. Moreover, we can clarify the applicable legislation concerning the copyrights in this country.

We invite you to contact our law firm in Brazil and find out more information about our legal services in Brazil.