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Obtain Residency in Brazil

Obtain Residency in Brazil

There are several ways through which foreigners can obtain Brazilian residency. Among them, employment, business, and family reunion are often used by people all over the world.

If you want to apply for a residence permit and need support in selecting the most appropriate option for you, please address our law firm in Brazil for guidance.

 Quick Facts  
 Permanent residence permit types

CEO or Administrator of a Start-up Company

CEO or Administrator of a Corporation


As a Senior Researcher or Professional Specialist

Due to the Birth of a Child in Brazil

Permanent Family Visa

Pensioner / Retired

As the Spouse of a Brazilian Citizen

Permanent residence permit validity

Nine years

Documents for obtaining Permanent residence Applicant’s Passport
Visa application form
Proof of jurisdiction
Proof of legal residency
FBI Police clearance
Mandatory registrations with state authorities (i.e. with the population/municipality register)

Work permit authorization by the Ministry of Labor


Dependents can join the Permanent permit holder (Yes/No)


Temporary or permanent residency for investment purposes  Yes 
Minimum temporary residence before applying for permanent residence  More than two years
Documents for obtaining permanent residence  Applicant’s Passport
Visa application form
Proof of jurisdiction
Proof of legal residency
FBI Police clearance
Naturalization requirements Four years of permanent residency in Brazil;
Ability to communicate in Portuguese; 
No prior criminal conviction.
Citizenship after permanent residence  After four years of legal residency 

Brazil permanent residency visa

If a foreign national falls under any of the situations described above and he/she intends to live in Brazil for more than two years, then the authorities may grant him/her a permanent residency visa. The purpose of a permanent resident visa is to allow a person to live and work in Brazil for good. However, these permanent visas are subject to revision right after three years from the date of issuance. Our lawyers in Brazil can assist a person with his/her renewal of a visa. This renewal is important if a person wants to live and work in Brazil uninterrupted. If a person continues to live in Brazil for four years with a permanent visa, he/she may apply for citizenship. Brazil may grant him/her citizenship if that person has knowledge of the country’s culture and understands it if he/she speaks Portuguese and has Portuguese skills. But if a person marries a Brazilian citizen, then his/her timing to get citizenship might get shorter than usual. 

Moreover, once you acquire Brazil permanent residency in 2024 with the help of our lawyers, you can also obtain their services for starting a business in this country. They will help you understand the legal structure of companies and how the business market operates. Our Brazilian lawyers can also help you in acquiring business licenses and permits. 

Who can apply for residency in Brazil in 2024?

Getting residency in Brazil is not difficult, however, you must pay attention to the complexity and specifics of the entire process. If a person is looking for permanent residence in Brazil then he/she needs to fulfill the criteria of residency and our Brazilian lawyers can guide him/her regarding that criteria. With the assistance of our immigration lawyers in Brazil, people can easily invest, work, or settle in Brazil. There are several ways through which US residents or nationals of other countries can apply for residency in Brazil, among which:

  • administrators or managers of start-up companies;
  • investors;
  • researchers or high-level professional specialists;
  • administrators or managers of a corporation;
  • pensioners;
  • spouses of Brazilian citizens;
  • fathers of Brazilian children.

If you are not a US resident, you can still rely on our lawyers in Brazil. They can provide you with comprehensive guidance regarding the criteria for obtaining permanent residency in Brazil in 2024. In addition to this, you can also get in touch with skilled lawyers at our law firm in Brazil if you are an investor and seeking legal help to apply for an investor visa in Brazil. Our lawyers will thoroughly guide you regarding the sectors you can invest in to get Brazil’s investor visa

Where can I apply for permanent residency in Brazil?

Permanent residency applications are accepted at Brazilian embassies and consulates worldwide. However, there is a substantial quantity of paperwork to complete as well as documentary evidence to present. The type of this evidence is determined by the application’s grounds. For example, a marriage certificate and a declaration from the witnesses are required for anyone applying on the grounds of marriage to a Brazilian citizen. Those seeking an investment visa, on the other hand, must first obtain permission from the Brazilian Ministry of Labor and Employment. In addition, a business strategy and a vast number of other documents must be provided.

The Brazil permanent residency application process is exceedingly complicated for foreigners because there is no “one size fits all” method. That is why the majority of people prefer to hire a Brazilian immigration counselor. An expert can provide additional eligibility information and manage the application process on the applicant’s behalf. So, you are welcome to get in touch with our lawyers in Brazil. They can also provide you with details of the Brazil permanent resident card benefits.

Potential benefits of permanent residence in Brazil

Capital investors and students look up to Brazil as it is a developed country and it has a lot of benefits to offer. China is emerging as a giant power and it is highly investing in other countries like Brazil. It shows that Brazil is certainly a place worth living and worth investing for business people. Applicants who apply for permanent residency in Brazil can enjoy the following benefits:

  • They can buy landed properties;
  • They get a chance to live and work in Brazil without any time bards;
  • They enjoy access to the healthcare and the education system;
  • They can enjoy the climate of Brazil;
  • They not only make profitable investments, but they can also initiate their businesses;
  • They get travel visa-free across Mercosur;
  • Finally, the permanent residents eventually become citizens of Brazil and this gives them access to one of the most valuable passports worldwide, and they get visa-free access to Russia, etc. 

You can interact with our seasoned lawyers if you want more details about Brazil permanent resident card benefits. If you want to relocate to Brazil, you can rely on the legal services of our immigration lawyers. They can help you understand the different kinds of short and long-term visas that Brazilian authorities are currently offering. Among those visa types, you can select any as per your purpose of travel to Brazil. Then our lawyers will guide you on the required application procedure and document submission related to that visa. Because the documents vary from visa to visa, and it is complicated for a person to understand these requirements, you can interact with our knowledgeable lawyers for any legal assistance to avoid delays in your visa procedure.

How to apply for permanent residency in Brazil?

Undoubtedly Brazil welcomes those applicants who want to apply for permanent residency in Brazil, but it also has strict criteria. It does sound sort of scary, but some applicants need to wait for even fifteen years to get residency in Brazil. The reasons include flaws in the application or ignorance of the procedure. No one wants to go through such a hectic time so a person needs to hire an experienced Brazilian lawyer who can guide him/her throughout the process.

So, you can get in touch with our skilled lawyers if you want to apply for permanent residency in Brazil. Furthermore, you can also seek help from our lawyers in order to understand the laws in Brazil, including the penal code. So, as a foreigner, you must have essential knowledge of the legislation available in Brazil to integrate and comply well with the country’s regulations. 

Brazil’s permanent residency types

Only permanent visas are given under rigorous statutory criteria in Brazil, and the application process is lengthy and cumbersome. Nevertheless, there are seven instances in which a foreign national may apply for Brazil permanent residency, which we will detail below:

CEO or administrator of a small business

A start-up firm is a non-Brazilian business that has operated outside of Brazil for five years. To incorporate the company in Brazil, you must provide the power of attorneys in Brazil to your new legal agent. Businesses may apply for a maximum of three visas to be awarded for two years. You will be required to hire at least two Brazilians, and need to put down at least 97,150 US dollar if you are interested in getting residency in Brazil by starting a business.

Following this margin, the corporation must meet specific criteria, demonstrating that it has created ten employments for Brazilians. If you are a foreigner and unfamiliar with the procedure of company incorporation in Brazil, our lawyers can help you. With their assistance, you can open a company in Brazil without unnecessary delays.

Chief executive officer or administrator of a corporation

This type of visa is for administrators, managers, or directors who wish to accept an executive job in a Brazilian company. The immigrant or the host firm must demonstrate a minimum investment of $200,000 in each applicant. Additionally, the Brazilian company must justify appointing the new boss’s technological and social benefits.


Additionally, you can obtain a Brazil permanent resident visa if you invest a minimum of $ 50,000 in production activities or earn less money but hire ten Brazilians. You must present a financial and investing strategy. 

Child’s birth in Brazil

If your child is Brazilian, you may apply for a Brazilian permanent resident visa at the Ministry of Justice (via Federal Police offices) or the nearest embassy or consulate. The applicant’s child must be financially dependent on them and be under their guardianship.

Visa for permanent family members

Brazil permanent residency visa may also include dependent families such as the applicant’s spouse, children under 21, or parents. Family members of the applicant will be granted the same visa. Bear in mind, however, that the applicant’s family will be unable to get work visas in Brazil. In this scenario, you should seek the assistance of a professional counselor to assist you in addressing a request of the individuals under your custody. Our skilled lawyers in Brazil can provide you with detailed guidance in this regard.

Brazilian citizen’s spouse

If you marry a Brazilian citizen, you may apply for permanent residence through the Ministry of Justice, Federal Police offices, or the Brazilian embassy or consulate in your country. It would help if you delivered the marriage certificate and witness statements. Prepare for an unexpected visit from immigration officials who want to verify that the union is not fabricated to obtain residency.

A visa application in Brazil can be a lengthy and complicated process. It requires the certification of various documents by official entities, making it nearly impossible to avoid consulting with professional attorneys in Brazil. However, you are welcome to interact with our seasoned lawyers located at our law firm in Brazil if you need legal consultation in any matter.

Application for permanent residency in Brazil

Brazil permanent residency applications can be made at Brazilian embassies and consulates. However, there is a substantial amount of paperwork to do, in addition to providing documentary evidence. The application’s grounds determine the precise nature of this evidence. Anyone applying based on marriage to a Brazilian citizen must submit a marriage certificate and witness statements. Those seeking an investment visa, on the other hand, must first obtain authorization from the Brazilian Ministry of Labor and Employment. A business strategy, as well as a lengthy list of other documents, must be provided.

The retirement visa in Brazil is without a doubt the simplest path to permanent residency. It is intended for retirees, and you must be 60 years old to apply for it. The applicant and one dependent are both eligible for the $2,000 monthly income limit. Each dependent requires an additional $1,000 per month. You must open a bank account in Brazil and transfer this money monthly.

Because there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ method, the process of applying for permanent residency is exceedingly complicated for outsiders. That is why most people prefer to hire a Brazilian immigration counselor. A specialist can provide further information about eligibility requirements and manage the application process on the applicant’s behalf.

Renewing permanent residency in Brazil

A permanent visa is usually valid for nine years, although certain groups, particularly investors, must renew their status after three years. However, this period is lowered to two years for foreign nationals involved in a Brazilian start-up.

Renewals will be granted if the applicant has not been absent from Brazil for two years and has met all other eligibility requirements. The basis for the initial application determines eligibility. For example, investors must maintain their investment to remain in Brazil as permanent residents. Suppose you are seeking permanent visa services in Brazil and have any trouble, our Brazilian lawyers provide help in this matter.

Is it possible to lose permanent residency in Brazil?

If a person leaves Brazil for more than two years in a row, their permanent residency will lapse. It is feasible, however, to apply for a new permanent visa. The permanent residency status can also be revoked if the holder’s eligibility standards have changed and he or she no longer meets them. For instance, suppose an investor withdraws their funds.

Dual citizenship in Brazil

Brazil recognizes dual citizenship. To become a Brazilian citizen in 2024, you do not have to give up your previous citizenship. So, if you want to become a Brazilian citizen, you do not have to worry about your previous citizenship. You are welcome to interact with our attorneys in Brazil if you want to apply for Brazilian nationality. They will guide you through the legal process and the set of requirements. After fulfilling those requirements, you might become eligible for Brazilian nationality. 

Other options besides permanent residence in Brazil

If permanent residency is not an option, you may obtain additional Brazilian visas. The most common are as follows: 

  • A tourist visa, which allows for up to 90 days in Brazil; 
  • A business visa, which allows entry to Brazil for business purposes such as conferences, meetings, and training;
  • A student visa allows for temporary residency in Brazil for students and unpaid interns. However, it precludes the visa holder from paying Brazil’s paid labor;
  • A work visa permits a foreign individual to work for a Brazilian or international business. Many missionaries, preachers, and volunteers from NGOs travel to Brazil each year. They may immigrate to Brazil with a Brazilian permanent visa if they hold management or executive roles at their place of employment. If you want to learn more about such relocation, our immigration lawyers can guide you in detail. Please get in touch with our lawyers and discuss your purpose of moving to Brazil with them. They can guide you in a better direction with legal advice.

You can get a detailed description of all the Brazil permanent resident visa services we offer from our Brazilian lawyers. Foreigners who possess a property or company worth a particular amount are eligible for Brazilian citizenship after three years of permanent residency. After a year, the resident may seek citizenship if he or she has a wife or kid who was born in Brazil. After two years, he is qualified for citizenship if he possesses certain professional, scientific, or creative skills. Get in touch with our lawyers if you want information about the application procedure.

Immigration statistics for Brazil

According to the information gathered by the Migration Policy Institute, Brazil’s population was 218,689,757 at the level of 2023. Other data indicates that:

  • between January and August 2023, the authorities issued residence permits to more than 127,000 foreign nationals;
  • the largest percentage was from Venezuela – 69,857 or 55% of the total number of applications;
  • there were also 9,409 residence permits issued to Bolivian citizens and 5,390 visas to Colombian ones.

During the same period, Brazil also issued 12,548 humanitarian visas.

People who are seeking to get a residency in Brazil in 2024 can contact our law firm in Brazil for assistance. In addition to this, if you face problems in Brazil related to debt collection, you can seek legal help from our attorneys. They will amicably start your case. But in case no positive results come with it, our attorneys will take your debt collection case to court and provide you with legal representation there.