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Law Firm in Sao Paulo

Law Firm in Sao Paulo

Brazil is made of 26 states, among which there is also Sao Paulo. It is the major industrial complex and has the second-highest Human Development Index. So, when you carry out business or any other activity that requires legal assistance, you are suggested to get in touch with our law firm in Sao Paulo. Our lawyers can offer you legal representation, prepare legal documents for your business, prepare corporate contracts, practice due diligence to avoid any potential risks to your business. You can rely on the services of our skilled lawyers in Brazil if you need legal support and proactive advice.

In addition to this, they can provide you with legal assistance if you want to immigrate to Brazil from the US.

Legal assistance in divorce proceedings in Sao Paulo

Handling divorce cases might be tricky in Sao Paulo without the assistance of skilled lawyers. The most common grounds for divorce in Sao Paulo include irretrievable marriage, desertion, adultery, or violence. But if you have some other genuine grounds to get divorced, you can acquire the legal services of experienced lawyers at our law firm in Sao Paulo. They will guide you in detail regarding how you can file a divorce case in a court of law. After divorce, if you have children, then their custody becomes an issue. However, there are different custodies, including physical custody, sole custody, alternating custody, or guardianship. You can obtain the assistance of our attorneys in Sao Paulo if you want any of the above child custody. They will also legally assist you whether you can relocate internationally with your child or not.

Our Brazilian lawyers can help you to understand family law in Brazil. If you have any questions regarding this law, you can trust the services of our knowledgeable lawyers.

Immigration services in Sao Paulo

You are welcome to interact with our law firm in Sao Paulo for immigration services. They can provide you with legal help not only with your immigration but also in the relocation of your legal entities. Immigration is a tricky process, and most of the applications are rejected due to negligence on the part of the applicants. The application that you submit to initiate the visa process of Brazil must be filled with the correct information. Along with the application, there are various documents that you are required to submit at the Brazilian Embassy or a Consulate. However, the requirement for the documents varies from person to person depending upon their purpose of travel to Brazil. But you do not need to worry; our lawyers in Sao Paulo can help you collect the related documents. These vigilant steps increase your chances of acquiring an immigration visa.

You can also rely on the legal services of experienced lawyers at our law firm in Sao Paulo if you want to relocate your company here.

Legal services regarding debt collection in Sao Paulo

You can get legal assistance from our law firm in Sao Paulo if you face any hurdles in debt collection. Although our lawyers will first go for the amicable procedure of debt collection, if this method does not bring any positive results, our attorneys at Sao Paulo would change their way and take your case to the court of law.

If you are a foreigner, the lawyers at our law firm in Brazil can help you understand taxation because it is crucial to comply with the tax to avoid any problems in foreign states.

Share of Sao Paulo in Brazil’s economy

Sao Paulo is the largest supplier of consumer goods, raw materials, and capital goods to other regions in Brazil and abroad. If you want to invest in this city, you can get investment tips from our law firm in Sao Paulo. Please find below the share of the value-added and GDP by national economy sector in 2015:

SectorSao Paulo/Brazil
Mineral extraction12.99%
Transport, storage, and mail36.50%
Wholesale and retail trades34.62%

Contact the skilled lawyers at our law firm in Sao Paulo for their comprehensive assistance in all the matters that require legal assistance.

Experienced lawyers at a law firm in Brazil can also provide legal backing if you want to start a business in this country.