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Personnel Relocation to Brazil

Personnel Relocation to Brazil

It is crucial to remember that before applying for a work visa, your staff must have a valid temporary or permanent resident visa. The simplest course of action is to initially obtain temporary residency and then convert it to permanent status after four years. You are welcome to rely on our lawyers in Brazil. They can help you with employee relocation to Brazil.

Work visas for employees in Brazil

Numerous visa categories allow people to work in Brazil. Among the most popular are:

  1. The most common and likely appropriate sort of work visa for your company and its employees is VITEM V visa;
  2. Visa type VITEM II is for business purposes. Holders may stay in Brazil for up to 90 days and it is effective for ten years;
  3. Work visas that provide immigrants the ability to work continuously are known as permanent work visas. This is more expensive and harder to acquire than the VITEM V visa as a whole, but you can frequently upgrade to it after completing a period of employment in Brazil.

For any additional information, get in touch with the immigration lawyers at our law firm in Brazil. As an employer, you must first have a recognized business in Brazil and submit the necessary supporting papers to the Brazilian department in charge of general coordination of immigration. The file will be given to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, then to the embassy or consulate in the country where the employee now resides. At this point, mail and document transfers typically go to the employee’s local embassy or consulate.

If you are seeking detailed legal assistance regarding employee relocation to Brazil, you can rely on our lawyers. They will not only assist you with personnel relocation to Brazil, but they also guide you about how to get residency in this country. Get in touch with our lawyers in Brazil for their practical legal assistance. You can also get legal help from our lawyers about how to change a temporary residence permit into a permanent one. Permanent residency applications can be submitted at Brazilian embassies and consulates. There is a substantial amount of paperwork to be completed, as well as documentary evidence to be provided. For instance; anyone applying based on marriage to a Brazilian citizen must provide a marriage certificate as well as witness statements. To learn about the list of documents as per your circumstances, get in touch with our lawyers. They will help you apply for Brazilian residence. 

Brazilian work visa criteria for employees

The majority of your staff will need to meet VITEM V visa standards because this visa is the most popular. They must have at least nine years of schooling and two years of relevant professional experience in the field for which you are recruiting them, or:

  • a degree from a reputable university and one year of work experience;
  • with no work experience and a postgraduate degree in the relevant field.

A temporary or permanent residency visa is required before an employee can apply for a work visa. Additionally, he/she will need to have a job lined up because an employer must begin the application process. During his/her stay in Brazil, they will need to apply for new permission whenever they change jobs. Usually, temporary work visas and residency permits are issued first in Brazil. Temporary permits can be renewed once and often last up to two years. Employers may submit a request to convert temporary work and residency permits to permanent ones after the initial four-year period.

If you are interested in employee relocation to Brazil, you can get the immigration services of our lawyers. They can offer you comprehensive knowledge regarding the whole procedure of personnel relocation to Brazil. In addition to this, you are also welcome to consult our lawyers if you need legal help with your citizenship application. Those who registered in a consulate prior to 1994 are already considered Brazilian citizens, so there is no need to apply for Brazilian nationality. Those who registered after 1994 must settle in Brazilian territory and have the birth certificate issued abroad transcribed at the Public Records. When the individual reaches the age of 18, he/she will be able to choose the Brazilian nationality. To learn more about the Brazilian citizenship application, consult with our immigration attorneys.

Economic growth and company obligations in Brazil

If you are seeking help in employee relocation to Brazil, our lawyers can assist you. Being an employee, you should know that Brazil protects your rights from any potential infringement, so you can consider applying for a job in this country without any reluctance. Below, you will not only find the increase in the economic growth of Brazil but also how as an employee your rights are protected. If you have further questions about employer obligations, consult our lawyers:

  • Brazil’s economy grew by $1,608.98 billion in 2021, or 11.07% more than in 2020;
  • Employees must get the “13th-month wage” in Brazil, which is an additional month’s pay at the end of the year. All workers who have put in a full year’s worth of work are entitled to this bonus from their employers;
  • Companies are required to pay employees who are fired without justification a fine equal to 40% of the money that is currently in the fund.

Contact our law firm in Brazil if you have any questions about the whole procedure. Our lawyers can offer you step by step guide throughout the procedure of employee relocation to Brazil.

Additionally, our lawyers can also help you to incorporate a business in this country. if you are planning to open a business and also need overseas personnel relocation to Brazil, get in touch with our lawyers. Besides personnel relocation, if you are planning to relocate to this country by making an investment, you can get in touch with our lawyers. Most likely, this is the simplest way to immigrate to Brazil and obtain residence. The applicant and his or her family are qualified for a permanent visa by investing in Brazil. If you need details about investment, get in touch with our immigration lawyers.