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Brazil Investor Visa

Brazil Investor Visa

If you are interested in obtaining an investor visa, you have two options: injecting BRL 150,000 (around USD 30,000) or BRL 500,000 (approx. USD 100,000) into a new company or an already existing Brazilian company. You will be required to do your first visa renewal after three years, and you will receive the new documents after 90 days. Once a person obtains an investor visa, he/she can also bring their family to Brazil. The benefit of investing in Brazil is that the investor can take his money back if he/she no longer wants to have an investment visa. Please remember that the related authorities will not renew the visa in this case.

Get in touch with our law firm in Brazil if you are an investor who wants to invest in this country. Our lawyers will provide you with legal assistance in the process of acquiring a Brazil golden visa. In addition to this, after relocating to Brazil, if you want to start a business, you can obtain legal assistance from our skilled lawyers. They will thoroughly help you in initiating a business and acquiring its relevant license and permit. 

 Quick Facts  
  Nationalities accepted (EU/Non-EU)

EU and non-EU

Business investment option (YES/NO)


Real estate investment option (YES/NO)

Other investment options
(if available) 
Living requirement in Brazil  (YES/NO) No
Residence or direct citizenship option

Residency after confirmed investment

Family members allowed to join the program Yes
Visa application after confirmed investment (Yes/No)   Yes
Visa processing time (approx.) 15 working days
Mandatory documents for application valid passport
passport-size photograph
visa application form
police verification
other documents, as per the applicant’s particular situation
Mandatory conditions for applicants The visa application is lodged in Brazil by the applicant or
legal representative
A business plan showing the value of the proposed investment is required
Timeframe for obtaining residency or citizenship following the confirmed investment Permanent residency is offered immediately after confirmation
Citizenship can be applied for after 4 years of uninterrupted residency
Dual citizenship permitted (YES/NO) Yes
Visa validity related to maintaining the investment in the country (Yes/No) No 
 Personal income tax rate Progressive rates: 0%,7.5%,15%,22.5%,27.5% 

Qualifications for a Brazilian investor visa

The investment visa is open to the following categories of applicants:

  • an administrator, manager, director, or executive of foreign corporation or any other business that plans to invest in a Brazilian enterprise;
  •  a person who plans to invest at least R$ 500.000 (about USD 100,000) in a Brazilian company;
  • a person who plans to invest at least R$ 150.000 (about USD 30,000) in a Brazilian startup;
  • a person who plans to invest at least R$ 700.000 (approx. USD 126,000) in real estate in the Northeast or North regions of Brazil;
  •  a person who plans to invest at least R$ 1.000.000 (approx. USD 185,000) in real estate in the Center West, Southeast, or South regions of Brazil.

As long as you continue to keep the investment, you are able to live and work there as a permanent resident. You can also file for Brazilian citizenship after 4 years.

Documents required for obtaining a Brazil investor visa

The document submission is a vital part of acquiring a visa, and any negligence may lead to the cancellation of your visa application. If you are planning for obtaining an investment visa in Brazil in 2024, you can get legal guidance from our lawyers regarding the required documents; however, a general idea of documents is also given below:

  • Proof of your identity;
  • Curriculum vitae;
  • Good conduct certificate;
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable);
  • Proof of family or parental relationship;
  • Academic credentials;
  • Proof of address.

The documentation may vary, or the embassy may ask you for additional documents, so for any other information, you are welcome to get in touch with our lawyers. They will do let you know if you need any additional documents while applying for an investment visa in Brazil.

Steps involved in obtaining an investor visa in Brazil in 2024

The process for obtaining a Brazil investor visa is lengthy, so consider getting legal assistance from local attorneys. Our experienced lawyers in Brazil can help you in every step involved in the procedure of acquiring an investor visa in this country. Please find below a general guide for getting an investment visa in Brazil:

  • Issue a power of attorney with the assistance of a foreign authority and also obtain an apostille certificate. Brazil is a part of the Hague Convention, so it no longer implements legislation for foreign public documents;
  • Attach your passport and birth certificate with all other foreign documents that are going to be used during the visa procedures;
  • Once the representatives receive these documents, the foreign investor’s CPF (Brazil’s taxpayer number) can be acquired at the Federal Revenue Agency. At this point the procedure for opening a company starts, and a Brazilian or a foreign individual with permanent residence must act as representative until the foreign investor finally gets his Brazil investor visa;
  • The investor visa rules in Brazil require an individual to invest in a company. Still, if the investor is opening a company from scratch, he/she is obliged to provide a valid address for proving the company’s headquarters. However, if an investor first invests in property, that would not be considered an eligible investment for an investment visa in Brazil. So, it is recommended to use a temporary address for the company procedure and then invest the money in a property after the company is established;
  • Our Brazilian lawyers can help you in understanding the taxation system of this country, because it is tough for a newly established company in a foreign country to deal with the taxes properly without any legal assistance;
  • After establishing a company, the investor must open the company’s bank account in Brazil; before investing, make sure that the company is registered at the Brazilian Central Bank to receive a foreign investment operation;
  • After registering the company with the Central Bank, the application for a Brazil investor visa may be filed by the investor. This process will take 15-30 days.

The seasoned lawyers at our law firm in Brazil can help you throughout this complicated procedure. As a result, you may get your 2024 Brazil investor visa swiftly under the supervision of our attorneys.

For how long is the investor visa in Brazil valid?

Although the Brazil investment visa provides permanent residency status, it is linked to an investor’s investment position in this country. So, the Brazilian authorities run a check in order to verify if you have kept your investment in the country, and in case of any repatriation, the visa may get annulled. If the holder of an investment visa in Brazil becomes 60 years old, it will no longer be necessary for him/her to renew the documents.

If you are a temporary resident in Brazil and want to obtain Brazilian nationality, you can trust the services of our seasoned lawyers. Our law firm in Brazil can provide you with legal assistance in the matters of acquiring Brazil nationality. You can also learn the requirements and criteria necessary for this procedure. Brazil’s economy is recovering, as confirmed by optimistic forecasts from top financial institutions worldwide. Because of this, moving to Brazil may be a very profitable and practical choice for those looking to relocate. Get in touch with our immigration lawyers in Brazil. They will not only assist you practically with relocation but also guide you on how to get a residence permit in Brazil.

Can you move to Brazil during the visa processing period?

If you are a foreigner who wants to relocate to Brazil to initiate your project while your investment visa in Brazil is still in process, you must keep in mind that you are not allowed to do so. The reason is that you cannot receive your investment visa during your stay in the country. Therefore, it is necessary to leave Brazil and hand over power of attorney to the representatives. You can transfer your power of attorney to one of our attorneys in Brazil. They will effectively process your visa requirements by providing you with representation remotely. Our lawyers are providing such remote services because your presence is not required in any step of the visa procedure in Brazil, so you do not need to hassle much by traveling to Brazil just for carrying out the visa application process, instead our lawyers will provide you with efficient services in this regard. 

Besides investment visas, if you are interested in moving from the UK to Brazil, you can get legal assistance from our immigration lawyers. They can help you with the application and document submission, etc. 

Processing time for investment visa in Brazil

Once your investment is registered before the Central Bank, the visa application may be filed with the documents mentioned in the normative resolution, such as a specific business plan. The last step of the visa procedure has undergone some effective improvements, and now it typically takes 15 to 30 days for visa approval. If you need to learn more about the investment visa in Brazil in 2024, you can get in touch with our knowledgeable lawyers. They will assist you if you have any further questions in this regard. 

If you buy an already incorporated entity in Brazil, you must hire experts to run due diligence on that company. This step will alarm you if your business has or will have any risks. For due diligence, you can get the legal help of our Brazilian lawyers.

Investment amount and startup opportunities

After 2016, the minimum investment amount for Brazil investor visa has increased a lot, and this colossal increment demotivated interested investors. However, the new regulating resolution opens an opportunity of startups for those who work on innovation or scientific or theological sectors. Please find the figures below for the matters discussed above:

  • Before 2016, the minimum investment amount for a Brazil investor visa was USD 27.990;
  • As of the beginning of 2017, the minimum investment amount became USD 93,300;
  • Startups operating in the innovation, scientific or theological sectors have to invest a smaller amount – the required investment is USD 27.990.

Consider contacting our skilled lawyers without any hesitation if you are interested in obtaining a Brazil investor visa in 2024. If you are interested in relocating to Brazil, our immigration lawyers can also assist you in this matter. Daily necessities are substantially more inexpensive in Brazil. Food, sanitary products, and vital services are much cheaper while maintaining good quality. Individuals who want to live in a developed nation with reduced expenditures for everyday essentials can benefit from the huge savings. Brazil is an excellent place to live and keep a pleasant lifestyle on a limited budget. So, if you have decided to move to Brazil, consult with our immigration lawyers.

Suppose you go through family issues in Brazil, like divorce procedures; you can get legal help from our lawyers. Because getting a divorce for foreigners in Brazil might be tricky as Brazil accepts the marriages concluded abroad, but divorce is dealt differently. In addition to this, you can get the legal support of our lawyers if your divorce involves children and the dispute of child custody. 

Furthermore, if you want to apply for Brazilian citizenship, get in touch with our lawyers. The Ministry of Justice (Ministério da Justiça) oversees the citizenship application procedure. The Ministry authorities will evaluate a long list of papers that you must submit with your application before accepting it. The most important of which are your criminal history, job history, and financial position.