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Immigrate to Brazil from New Zealand

Immigrate to Brazil from New Zealand

New Zealand standard passport holders are allowed to travel to Brazil under a visa-free regime, for a maximum of 90 days or 180 days within a given 12-month period. Short-term travel can be suitable for New Zealanders who come to the country as tourists, who wish to visit family in Brazil, or who are on short business or investment trips, however, in order to immigrate to Brazil from New Zealand, a temporary visa will be needed for longer stays.

The experts at our law firm in Brazil offer complete immigration services and can assist New Zealand nationals who plan to relocate to Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo or other cities.

Residing in Brazil

In order to lawfully reside in Brazil, New Zealand citizens will need to obtain a temporary visa and residence permit in the first phase of the relocation. The following purposes may apply:

  • – Employment: when the New Zealand citizen has secured employment with a Brazilian company;
  • – Investment: when the applicant is able to make an investment in an existing Brazilian company or to open a Brazilian company;
  • – Family reunion: based on the fact that the applicant will join a family member who is a Brazilian citizen or who already holder a residency permit;
  • – Study: subject to the condition of having been accepted to a regular course of primary or secondary education, or other types of studies, an internship or a study/cultural exchange or research exchange program.

Our team can give you more details about the specific documents that are required for applying for each of these types of permits. We provide complete assistance for filling out the application form, and preparing the documents.

Please note that for these applications a valid passport is needed and that its validity period needs to extend for ay least a number of months after the application date. Proof of financial abilities is also needed for many of these types of purposes of stay. This can be presented as a bank statement or a credit card statement. Additional documents may be requested, if the Embassy of Brazil decides to do so.

Foreign nationals are also required to apply for the resident card and our team of lawyers can help you handle this step if you wish to immigrate to Brazil from New Zealand. You must apply for a Brazil visa at one of Brazil’s embassies or consulates in your country. The procedure varies significantly based on where you live and where you must submit your Brazil visa application. But it is as follows: locate the nearest Brazil Embassy or Consulate; It might be in your nation or one of its neighbors; Contact them to find out what their criteria are and what documentation you will need. Or our lawyers can make an appointment for you in the embassy on your behalf to make your relocation to Brazil easy.

Some of the fees (in New Zealand dollars) are listed below:

  • – Temporary visa for research, teaching or academic purposes: 180$ (for more than 90 days);
  • – Student visa: 180$;
  • – Investor visa and work visa: also 180$;
  • – Visitor visa: 144$.

Please keep in mind that these fees are subject to change and that other costs will add to those related to applying for a visa for those who intend to immigrate to Brazil from New Zealand. Our team of immigration attorneys can help you with more information about the costs you can expect as well as how to schedule the process.

Naturalization in Brazil

Naturalization is the process through which a foreign citizen can receive lawful, permanent residence in Brazil, and it is the goal of many of those immigrate to Brazil from New Zealand.

Foreign nationals can apply for ordinary naturalization when he or she fulfils the following cumulative conditions:

  1. Minimum residence: the individual has resided in the country lawfully for at least four years before the application;
  2. Language knowledge: the applicant must show that he or she has the ability to speak and understand Portuguese;
  3. Good records: the New Zealander seeking naturalization must be free of any criminal conviction;
  4. Others: having a Brazilian spouse or partner or having a Brazilian child are factors that can reduce the period to one year instead of four.

The applicant is required to provide adequate documents for the naturalization process, a step during which our team of immigration lawyers in Brazil can help. After the submission, one is required to present to the Federal Police Unit. The final decision is made by the Migration Department.

The final decision is made by the Migration Department. Permanent visas are given in Brazil under strict legal circumstances, and the application procedure requires a significant amount of paperwork. A foreigner can apply for permanent residency in Brazil in a variety of ways. A start-up firm is a non-Brazilian company that has done business outside of Brazil for the last five years. To establish the corporation, you must provide your new legal representative in Brazil with a power of attorney. Our lawyers can take care of this for you. Companies can seek up to three visas to be awarded for two years. Following this margin, the corporation must satisfy the standards, such as demonstrating that it has generated ten employments for Brazilians.

Assistance for those who immigrate to Brazil from New Zealand

Our Mexican lawyers specialize in immigration matters and are able to assist all foreign nationals coming to the country, including those from New Zealand. Whether you are traveling to Brazil for long-term employment or research purposes or to start a business, we can guide you throughout the first steps, even before arrival.

Once you are in the country and with to complete the process needed to immigrate to Brazil from New Zealand, we can help you with the needed submissions with the authorities, with the application for obtaining the CPF number (which is issued to all individuals that pay taxes in the country) as well as with other issues such as changing the driver’s license.

Contact our law firm in Brazil for more information on how we can assist you. Brazilians have no restrictions on the number of nationalities they can hold. Multiple nationalities may limit your ability to assert some rights, such as requests for consular aid when you are already deemed a local. Furthermore, multiple nationalities entail rights and duties in the country where the individual has sought multiple nationalities, which cannot be obtained by marriage. So, if you want to get citizenship in Brazil keeping in view the above facts, our lawyers can assist you.