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Immigrate to Brazil from Canada

Immigrate to Brazil from Canada

Canadian nationals who wish to enter Brazil for tourism or short-term business purposes are no longer required to apply for a visa if their stay in the country is no longer than 90 days. The visa exemption does not however cover the needs of Canadians who wish to immigrate to Brazil from Canada via the employment route or through family reunification, if applicable.

Our attorneys in Brazil highlight the main requirements for obtaining a temporary visa, whish can be extended as needed to provide for a prolonged stay. We can also provide details on request about obtaining Brazilian citizenship for those who are interested in this additional step.

For more information, as well as personalized assistance according to the purpose of the stay, Canadians who wish to immigrate to Brazil from Canada can reach out to our lawyers.

How to apply for a temporary visa?

The temporary visa, or the VITEM visa is the one issued for stays longer than 90 days. Applicants who wish to obtain a visa can send their application to the Consulate-General in Vancouver if they live in British Columbia, Alberta, the Northwest Territories, Yukon or Saskatchewan. Visa applications for those who immigrate to Brazil from Canada that are submitted to the Consulate General in Toronto or Montreal will be returned to the applicant and he/she will be asked to forward it to the Consulate General in Vancouver.

The types of temporary vias that allow for long-term stays in Brazil (more than 90 days) are listed below by our attorneys in Brazil:

  • VITEM V: the work visa;
  • VITEM IX: the investor or business owners visa;
  • VITEM XI: family reunion;
  • VITEM IV: student or intern for periods exceeding 90 days;
  • VITEM II: long-term health treatments;
  • VITEM VIII: long-term volunteer.

The work, investor visa as well as the student visa or the family reunification ones are commonly used by those who intend to move to Brazil permanently, for the purpose of immigration. Entrepreneurs can reach out to us for information on the conditions for acquiring Brazil citizenship by investment, in those cases when they consider opening a company.

Those who intent to come to Brazil should know that yellow fever vaccination is recommended for those who travel to certain states. If you are planning to apply for citizenship in Brazil, you are welcome to get in touch with our lawyers. But before making such a decision, you should have a basic knowledge of its taxation. A permanent resident is considered a tax resident in Brazil. If a permanent resident or citizen resides overseas, they may be regarded as a tax resident for the first 12 months following their departure. Non-residents are taxed on their Brazilian-source income, whereas tax residents are taxed on their worldwide income.

What are the documents required for a visa to immigrate to Brazil from Canada?

VITEM visa applications are accompanied by a set of documents that include both general ones, such as the passport, as well as visa-specific documents. Our team or lawyers in Brazil lists the documents that are required for all types of temporary visas below:

  • Passport: original, valid for the entire stay in the country, with at least two blank paged tor the visa; non-Canadian applicants will also need to provide a proof of a valid visa status;
  • Birth certificate: this will be subject to legalization for the purpose of its submission with the Federal Police in Brazil;
  • Visa form: filled in, printed and signed accordingly; signed by both parents in case of minors;
  • Photo: a recent photograph, passport-size, with a white background.

Naturally, student visa applications will be accompanied by the University acceptance letter, when the applicant was admitted to the University of São Paulo or another higher education institute and by the employment contract when the Canadian wishes to enter the country based on an employment relationship.

Examples of additional documents required to visa applicants for study purposes include police clearance issued in the last three months, proof of sufficient funds to support oneself during the duration of the studies or scholarship, health insurance with international coverage.

Additional information about these types of visas is listed below:

  • Validity: 2 years;
  • Processing time: estimated to approximately 10 business days;
  • Fees: 150 CAD$ for a work, student and other long-term stay visa.

Our Brazilian lawyers can give you more details about the fees applicable in 2021 as well as other updated requirements. Please keep in mind that certain travel restrictions may be in place or additional requirements may be present in 2021. Our team can provide you with up-to-date information according to the month in which you intend to schedule your travel to Brazil. A work visa is required to work in Brazil, either for a Brazilian firm or for an international company that requires you to be stationed in Brazil. You must have a letter from your place of employment to obtain this visa. This letter will confirm the task you will be doing and will provide the contract’s start and end dates. This visa cannot be utilized by anybody undergoing training or conducting research, artists, sports, or those employed by commercial, civil, non-profit, or financial organizations. These employees must either apply for a permanent residency permit in Brazil or get a visa tailored to their occupation.

We recommend to reach out to our team of lawyers specialized in immigration once you decide to apply for a visa to Brazil. Companies that claim to provide expedite services for obtaining visas cannot guarantee that the process will be faster if the applicant uses their service. With our help, you can rest assured that you have followed all the legal steps and that your travel to Brazil will observe the requirements in force. What’s more, our team of attorneys can also help you with additional, post-arrival steps.

Contact our law firm in Brazil if you wish to know more about the types of long-term visas and the general procedure for immigration. The processing period for a Brazil visa varies according to the Embassy/Consulate that handles your application. However, you should anticipate waiting for 10 to 15 work days after submitting your full application. Long-term visas may take longer. However, be sure you apply well in advance of your intended travel date. Get further legal assistance from our lawyers if you are moving to Brazil.