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Immigration Lawyer in Brazil

Immigration Lawyer in Brazil

Immigration is a transfer from one state to another and it is not as simple as it used to be in old times but immigration lawyers make this task quite easy for the immigrants. Brazil is one of those countries where people migrate to seek opportunities for a better lifestyle. But like other states, Brazil implemented a set of rules and regulations on outsiders who want to settle as permanent citizens. These procedures seem complex to a common person and he/she seeks the help of an immigration lawyer in Brazil by contacting an immigration law firm in Brazil

You are welcome to get in touch with our experienced lawyers at our law firm in Brazil if you are planning to move here. They will guide you through each step of visa application and document submission. Their comprehensive legal assistance will save your time. Moreover, once you move to Brazil, our lawyers can help you obtain residency in this country. So, you do not need to hassle much, please interact with our Brazilian lawyers for any legal assistance you need in Brazil. 

 Quick Facts  
  Entry visa requirement (from EU) Yes/No


Entry visa requirement (outside EU) (Yes/No) 


Types of visas available

 Tourist visa
Temporary visa
Permanent Visa
Diplomatic/ Official 
Time frame for obtaining work visa (approx.)

approximately 2 months

Validity of temporary residence permit  Two years
Time frame for obtaining permanent residence (approx.)

4 to 6 months

Investor visa availability (Yes/No)


Sponsorship requirement (Yes/No) Yes
Time frame for obtaining citizenship Four years of legal residency 
Citizenship/Residency by investment scheme available (Yes/No) Yes
Tax benefits for expats  No concessions or benefits are available for expatriates. 

Why choose to immigrate to Brazil?

People generally seek to have the best possible opportunities, like doing business, and Brazil is an attractive country from this point of view, especially for those who want to immigrate to Brazil. This country is constantly showing a steady growth rate in its economy. It is home to one-third of wildlife species in the world because it is gifted with Amazon rainforests. Besides diversity in wildlife, Brazil is open to all kinds of cultures and people feel at home in Brazil. The country of Brazil further offers awesome sights, amazing beaches, free public healthcare centers, and a fastly growing economy. Undoubtedly, Brazil is home to dreams and people are migrating even from the US to Brazil for the sake of enjoying a livelihood in Brazil. So, if you plan to move to Brazil for business due to steady growth in its economy, you can rely on the legal services of our lawyers. They can guide you regarding the business structures available in Brazil and help you start a business from scratch in this country.

Furthermore, you can further obtain the legal assistance of our Brazilian lawyers if you need to acquire business licenses and permits.

Types of Brazilian visas

There are two primary types of visas for Brazil. Visit visa to Brazil (VIVIS), also known as a tourist visa, and the other is Brazil temporary visa (VITEM). These visas are only issued for short-term visits of up to 90 days. The following are the many types of visit visas for Brazil:

  • Tourist Visa;
  • Business Visa;
  • Transit Visa.

Temporary Visas for Brazil (VITEM), these are long-term visas, meaning they allow the holder to stay in Brazil for more than 90 days. If you are granted a temporary visa, you must register with the Brazilian Federal Police (DPF) within 90 days of your arrival in Brazil. You will receive your migration registration card (CRNM) and a residency period (usually one to three years). The registration card can be renewed before it expires. The following are the many forms of temporary visas for Brazil:

  • Work Visa;
  • Student Visa;
  • Visa for Family Reunion.

If you are planning to relocate to Brazil and need more information regarding visas, you can rely on our lawyers for information. They will provide you with a comprehensive guidance about the types of visas available in Brazil.

Migration Law and Policy in Brazil

The restrictions imposed by the United States and the United Kingdom on immigration encourage people to choose other countries for migration and some of them prefer to migrate to Brazil. Brazil has encouraged migration by passing a New Migration Law in 2017 that explains rules and regulations regarding migration and facilitates. Our Brazilian immigration lawyers also proceed according to those regulations. 

Brazilian state is also emphasizing Humanitarian laws by allowing the refugees to stay in Brazil while the other states around the globe are restricting the immigration of refugees. In the New Migration Law, the implementing decree no. 9199 explains that refugees are welcomed in Brazil and they can apply for resident status while in the country.

In the New Migration Law, there is no permanent visa; either a person can get a temporary visa (which is issued for a certain period) or a residence permit (which is either based on definite terms or indefinite terms). Brazilian immigrant law not only attracts workers, but also persons to study in the prestigious universities of this country. University students prefer Brazil because the law allows those students to apply for a work visa too. 

If you need more information about the new immigration law of Brazil, you can get the legal help of our lawyers. Our knowledgeable lawyers in Brazil can help you understand the provision of this law. Furthermore, if you want to apply for a study visa in Brazil, you can get in touch with our lawyers. In addition to the requirements of a study visa, they can also help you learn the criteria for other types of visas in Brazil too.

What is the role of immigration lawyer in Brazil?

The Brazilian lawyers act as legal consultants to the immigrants and guide them through the visa application, citizenship, employment for immigrants, and deportation issues, etc. Our Brazil immigration lawyer is a mediator between immigration authorities and immigrates. Other than these matters, Brazilian lawyers do appear before immigration judges if any of their clients face problems in an immigration hearing. Immigration lawyers also resolve the matters of their clients involving interaction between criminal laws and immigration. This is how a law firm in Brazil assists people to successfully immigrate to Brazil.

When an applicant should contact our Brazilian law firm?

Immigrant lawyers in Brazil help with more than just assisting a person in the documentation. There are some other cases that also crucially need the assistance of a law firm in Brazil, such as:

  • – If an applicant has any criminal record in past and he is criminally liable under Brazil Penal Code;
  • – Prior immigration application has been denied by the immigration authorities of Brazil;
  • – If an applicant has a serious medical condition;
  • – If an applicant is a layperson and does not know what to do next after submitting application. 

These are general situations that can lead an immigrant to the office of our law firm in Brazil where he/she can get the assistance of Brazilian lawyers. But besides these situations, some matters are very complex for those who want to immigrate to Brazil and can only be handled by an immigration lawyer of a perspective country. You are also welcome to get in touch with our lawyers if you need any legal assistance regarding family law in Brazil. For instance, if you are facing court proceedings related to a divorce case, you can ask our lawyers for their legal assistance. Our Brazilian attorneys will provide you with legal representation in the court of law. If the divorce involves the custody of children, this makes matters only more complicated. But with the legal assistance of our lawyers in Brazil, you will be able to get through this process swiftly. After relocation, if you also want to apply for Brazilian citizenship, get in touch with our lawyers. They can guide you about the criteria. Brazil does not stop individuals to acquire multiple nationalities. But also keep in mind when it comes to asserting some rights, such as requesting consular aid when you are already regarded as a local, having several nationalities may have restrictions.

Where to find trusted immigration lawyers in Brazil?

If a person is for the first time applying for immigration in Brazil, he/she should definitely consider to hand-over his/her immigration process to the trusted lawyers. The reason is that those immigration lawyers are handling these complex procedures for years and they know how to deal with them. It is no myth that immigration processes take years when they are handled by a common person himself. The applications of people get rejected by the immigration authority just because people do not know how to write a proper application. After application, there are other procedures that a common man cannot take care of. So it is preferred and advised to hire an immigration lawyer in Brazil from many trusted immigrant lawyers in Brazil. Brazil’s economy is strong and expanding. Investments and commercial prospects are great because of their industrial capability, resource independence, technical prowess, and consumer market power. If you are planning to immigrate to Brazil to open a company, consult with our lawyers. Our immigration lawyers can help you throughout the relocation and incorporation procedure.

Is the Brazil visa extendible?

Yes, every form of Brazil visa can be extended. You must apply for a visa extension to the Brazilian Federal Police’s local office (DPF). You are required to submit the application two weeks before your visa expiration date. The Federal Police Department decides on visa extensions. You can also apply for visa extension with the legal assistance of our lawyers in Brazil. Furthermore, if you are facing issues in Brazil regarding your residency, consult with our lawyers. For instance, if you have been out of the country for the past two years, then your Brazilian residency permit expires. In such a situation you are required to re-apply for residency. Our lawyers in Brazil can provide you with practical assistance with the application procedure.

Brazil visa-free guide 

The fees for Brazil visas are as follows:

  • Fee for a visitor/tourist visa is 80,00 USD (for all countries, except the ones below);
  • Angola: 180,00 USD;
  • Algeria: 85,00 USD;
  • Australia: 120,00 USD;
  • China: 115,00 USD;
  • United States of America: 160,00 USD;
  • Diplomatic, official, and courtesy visas are all free of charge.

Fees may differ in various countries, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, or certain EU member states. The time it takes to get a Brazil visa varies depending on which Embassy or Consulate is handling your application. However, you should expect to wait 10 to 15 days after submitting your entire application. Long-term visas can take a little longer.

2021 overview of Brazil

1Population 213,445,417
2Population Growth Rate (%) 0.65%
3Birth Rate in Brazil 13.44 births/1,000 inhabitants 
4Death Rate in Brazil 6.8 deaths/1,000 inhabitants 
5Net Migration Rate in Brazil -0.13 migrants/1.000 inhabitants 

The persons who want to relocate to Brazil can contact our law firm for further information. We will save their time and energy by getting their work done professionally.

In addition to this, if you buy a company or a property in Brazil, it is necessary to perform due diligence on it. Our attorneys in Brazil can provide you with a detailed report after performing due diligence on your property. This precautionary step when buying anything can help you avoid any potential harm for the future.