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Family Reunion Visa Brazil

Family Reunion Visa Brazil

If you are interested in obtaining a family reunion visa in Brazil, you must fall into the list of relatives that is settled by the authorities.

The lawyers at our law firm in Brazil can help you in the application process of obtaining a family reunion visa. 

In addition to this, our lawyers can assist you if you want to open a business in Brazil.

Who can get a Brazilian family reunion visa?

Please find below the list of individuals who can apply for a family reunion visa in Brazil under the migration law of this state:

  • An individual who has a Brazilian under his/her custody or guardianship;
  • Brother of a Brazilian or immigrant who has obtained the residence permit;
  • An individual who has a Brazilian son or a daughter;
  • Single children under the age of 18 years;
  • Children above 18 years but proved to be unable to provide their own sustenance;
  • Parents or grandparents who are unable to support themselves;
  • An individual who has an immigrant son or daughter with the Brazilian residence permit;
  • Spouse of a temporary or permanent resident foreigner in Brazil.

Our immigration lawyers can help you acquire a family reunion visa in Brazil if you are eligible under the situations described above.

Moreover, if someone is descending or ascending to the second degree of a Brazilian or an immigrant who has a residence permit, our lawyers can also assist him/her in the procedure of obtaining a Brazilian family reunion visa.

Requirements for a Brazil family reunion visa

It is suggested to get legal assistance when you submit the documents because any negligence would lead to the cancelation of your applicant.

The experienced lawyers at our law firm in Brazil can help you in the collection and compilation of the required paperwork. A list of necessary documents is given below, but please keep in your mind that the consulate may request additional documentation as deemed necessary:

  • Passport: it must have at least two blank pages, the pages reserved for amendments cannot be used for visa purposes;
  • Visa application form: fill in the application with correct information;
  • Photos: one photo of 2 x 2, and it must be taken within the last 6 months, with a plain white or off-white background;
  • Birth certificate: it must be detailed along with the names of parents;
  • Proof of jurisdiction: attach utility bills, or bank statements;
  • Medical exam: any individual, regardless of his/her age, must undergo a medical exam;
  • Proof of financial support: the applicant must provide evidence of his financial means to support his/her finances in Brazil;
  • Criminal record: If an individual has been convicted or discharged of a crime, he/she must present a certified copy of each court and prison record. The court records should consist of information regarding the crime of which the applicant was convicted and the disposition of the case.

All these documents must bear an official stamp of the issuing authority and must be legalized by the consulate.

The attorneys at our law firm in Brazil can help collect and submit any additional documents if required to avoid any unnecessary delays. They will legally assist you to obtain a family reunion visa in Brazil swiftly.

Get a family reunion visa on the grounds of marriage

Based on specific directives from the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Interministerial Ordinance No. 12/2018: If you are married to a Brazilian national, married to a foreign national who already has a residence permit in Brazil, or married to a foreign national who is applying for a temporary visa (VITEM) in Brazil and wants to travel as his or her dependent, you can acquire the Brazilian family reunion visa. 

It is important to note that if the marriage was performed under the authority of a power of attorney, the visa cannot be issued following the current law. If you are applying for a family reunion visa in Brazil on the grounds of a marriage, you should request legal assistance from an experienced team of immigration attorneys. 

Documents required for the family reunion visa on the grounds of marriage

If you are applying for a family reunion visa in Brazil on the grounds of marriage, you are required to submit the following documents:

  • Valid passport: At least two blank pages are required;
  • Photo: One passport photo of average size (3.5 x 4.5 cm). The image must have a white background and be recent;
  • Application for a visa: It must be completed online. At the appointment, print the Visa Request Form Receipt (RER) and bring it with you. The full names of the parents, as they appear on the applicant’s birth certificate, must be entered;
  • Police clearance: It is required for applicants who are older than 18. Police criminal background checks are good for a maximum of three months after they are issued. Please be aware that if the applicant has resided in more than one nation in the previous 12 months, a criminal background check from each country must be supplied. Additionally, they must be properly legalized (contain an apostille) by the originating nation’s competent authorities and, if necessary, translated by a qualified translator;
  • Original birth certificate: Show the full form of the certified copy of a birth certificate;
  • A printed copy of the Brazil-round ticket: The applicant must provide either a booking reservation or a booking confirmation (paid ticket or e-ticket), all of which must include the whole itinerary, flight numbers, and arrival and departure dates;
  • Original marriage certificate: No matter the nationality of the spouses, if the marriage took place in Brazil, the applicant must present the whole form of the marriage certificate. To prove that the marriage was not performed under the authority of a power of attorney, the whole form must be shown. If you get married to a Brazilian national outside of Brazil, you must register the marriage with a Brazilian consular office. In case you are not legally married, then you can submit any other documents that prove the existence of a civil or stable union. 

There are also other documents required to prove your marriage. Getting a family reunion visa in Brazil on the grounds of marriage requires an exhaustive list of documents. So, it is recommended to get in touch with our experts to avoid any complications.

Brazil family reuninion visa processing time

The processing time for a Brazil family reunion visa is 4 to 8 weeks. After that, the embassy may ask for additional documents if necessary. You can get more details about the family reunion visa if you still have any questions. 

In addition to this service, our lawyers in Brazil can help you if you want to apply for residency in Brazil. The new immigration legislation permits those with Brazilian residence permits based on family reunions to engage in employment activities. Furthermore, the law specifies that the immigrant must be treated on an equal footing with the Brazilian native, according to the present legislation. Our lawyers can describe to you the whole procedure of acquiring residency in this country. With their help, you will be able to fully comply with the requirements. 

Furthermore, if you need legal backing regarding immigration from US to Brazil, you can get in touch with our skilled lawyers without any hesitation. They can provide you with assistance throughout the relocation process. 

Tax implications in Brazil for foreigners

Brazilian tax authorities impose a tax on both incomes, earned inside and outside the country, unless the state has an active double taxation treaty. Please find below the Brazilian tax information below:

  • Brazil has double taxation treaties with over 30 countries;
  • The foreign nationals must pay tax if they intend to stay in Brazil for more than 183 days in any 12 months;
  • Other foreigners must pay 25% tax on income earned from Brazilian sources;
  • Those individuals who hold a permanent or temporary resident visa must pay taxes just like the Brazilian residents.

Reach out to our lawyers if you are interested in obtaining a family reunion visa in Brazil.

How can our lawyers in Brazil help you?

The attorneys at our law firm in Brazil can help you in the following situations:

  1. If you are a spouse or companion: Common Law Marriage circumstances arise frequently because many foreigners who meet their partners in Brazil must find a way to avoid overstaying their tourist visas while also being unable to commit to a marriage contract and its repercussions. However, proving a common law marriage can occasionally be difficult in light of visa regulations, so it is strongly advised to consult with a professional on this subject. Our Brazilian lawyers can provide you with consultation in this regard. They can also help you with your Brazilian family reunion visa application. 
  2. If you have single children under the age of 18 or older and they can demonstrate that they are unable to support themselves: It is important to be aware that foreigners with Brazilian children who are living in Brazil without a visa cannot be expelled right away in the event of a federal police inspection. By obtaining permanent residency following the family reunion visa criteria, a case can be presented in court to correct the issue. For additional details, please get in touch with our lawyers in Brazil.
  3. If you have a sibling, grandchild, or great-grandchild who is an orphan, single, and under 18 years, or any age at which the need to pay for one’s maintenance must be met. The federal police may conduct periodical visits to identify the declared situation. However, if any irregularity is found, the foreigner has the right to challenge the allegations in court as well as through administrative channels. Our lawyers in Brazil can represent you in court if you are facing such an issue in this country.

Please get in touch with our lawyers if you have any questions about a family reunion visa in Brazil or family law in general. If you are planning to immigrate to Brazil, you should know that Brazil is a lovely nation with a rich culture and attractive scenery. In Brazil, the average cost of healthcare is substantially cheaper than in the United States. This is one of the reasons why so many Americans fly to Brazil for cosmetic surgery and other operations. That implies that people in Brazil may get appropriate health care or elective surgery for a fraction of the cost. It is only one of many financial advantages of residing in this nation.

Brazil net migration rate

As Brazil is an attractive spot for foreigners to settle in, most of the expats relocate under different visas including Brazil family reunion visa. Please find below the net immigration rate in Brazil:

  • In 2015, the net migration rate was at the level of 0.02 migrants per thousand population;
  • Whereas, in 2020 the migration rate increased to 0.1 migrants per thousand population.

Contact our immigration attorneys if you are interested in relocating under a family reunion visa in Brazil. They will provide you with comprehensive assistance throughout the process.

Our Brazilian lawyers can also help you if you are planning to apply for citizenship in this country. The worldwide mobility that comes with having Brazilian citizenship is one of its advantages. Brazil’s residents can enter 141 nations and territories without a visa or with one upon arrival. As a result, the Brazilian passport is considered to be one of the most powerful in the world. If you are interested to learn more about the benefits that come with obtaining citizenship in this country, our lawyers can help you. 

If you are facing any problems regarding debt collection in Brazil, you can trust our litigation attorneys in this regard. They will proceed with an amicable process, and if seems necessary; they will also represent you in the court.