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Immigrate to Brazil from Australia

Immigrate to Brazil from Australia

Moving to Brazil is a multi-step process and one that depends heavily on the reason for the relocation, be it for study, employment or family reunification purposes. Those who immigrate to Brazil from Australia are required to obtain a visa prior to their travel as well as provide additional documents when applying for a temporary residence permit.

Our lawyers in Brazil answer some of the common questions regarding long-term stays in the country below. For personalized information, please feel free to reach out to our English-speaking team.

How is residency obtained in Brazil?

Temporary and permanent visas are available to those interests and it is possible to first obtain a temporary visa, depending on the purpose of the stay, and then apply for and obtain a permanent visa or a permanent residency permit, if the applicant qualifies for this.

Those who wish to immigrate to Brazil from Australia are interested in permanent residency. This is awarded to foreign investors, employees, for family reunification purposes as well as for retirement purposes.

Other situations in which this is granted are the ones presented below by our Brazilian lawyers:

  1. Spouses: a spouse or a partner of a Brazilian citizen, foreign temporary or permanent resident, irrespective of  the gender but in a stable union;
  2. Legal dependents: of a Brazilian, foreign temporary or permanent resident, older than 18 years;
  3. Qualified employees: holders of temporary visa for a professor, high level researcher, foreign scientist, etc.;
  4. Others: refugees or asylum seekers, victims of human trafficking or foreigners who have been absent from the country for more than 2 years and have lost the status of permanency; we can give you more details on these special conditions.

Several other issues are important for those who immigrate to Brazil from Australia, such as obtaining a Brazilian driver’s license (mandatory for those who remain in the country for longer than 180 days). Our attorneys in Brazil can help you with information about the conditions set forth by the National Transit Department.

Some of the consular fees imposed by the Embassy of Brazil in Canberra and the Consulate General in Sydney are the following:

  • $168: the visitor visa fee;
  • $210: the temporary visa fee;
  • $241.50: the fee for Chinese passport holders.

Our team can give you more details about the requirements for making the visa fee payment and presenting the other required documents to the Embassy or the Consulate General. Consider the following while applying for a Brazil visa: Some Brazil Embassies/Consulates, but not all, enable you to submit your application through a visa or travel agency. Similarly, some may allow you to apply for mail, while others need you to deliver it in person. Learn the requirements of the individual Embassy/Consulate that will conduct your Brazil visa application, since the outcome of your application will be determined by them. Alternatively, contact our attorneys for the most recent information. This information can make your immigration to Brazil hassle-free.

Besides visas, our lawyers can also guide you on how to get citizenship in Brazil. A person who has lived lawfully in Brazil for four years becomes eligible for citizenship. This term is one year for persons who are in a marital relationship with a Brazilian citizen. A kid born in the country to at least one Brazilian parent automatically becomes a citizen. Due to the statute of dual nationality, which has been in effect since 1996, a person can retain their former citizenship even after becoming a Brazilian citizen.

How can an Australian get Brazilian citizenship?

Acquiring Brazilian nationality is possible through naturalization. This is done according to the provisions set forth in the Constitution as well as other supporting laws. The periods for obtaining citizenship through naturalization are the following:

  • 4 years: the standard period during which foreign nationals are to live in the country as permanent residents;
  • 3 years: if the applicant has made significant investments in property in Brazil or has made other important investments; our attorneys in Brazil can give you more details;
  • 2 years: when the applicant is eligible for a reduced naturalization period owning to his professional, scientific or artistic abilities;
  • 1 year: when the applicant has a Brazilian child or is married to a Brazilian.

The one-year naturalization period is also applicable in case if citizens of Portuguese-speaking countries, provided that they have resided in Brazil for un uninterrupted year and that they present moral integrity.

Foreign citizens who have lived in Brazil for more than 15 years uninterruptedly and have not been criminally convicted can obtain citizenship without having to comply with other formal requirements.

Certain other conditions apply for Brazil citizenship by investment. Our team can give you more details.

How can our lawyers in Brazil help you?

Observing the general entry requirements is the first step for those who wish to immigrate to Brazil from Australia. Our team is able to assist you during this process so that your application with the Brazilian Embassy or Consulate General will be a complete one that will be accepted.

Once you arrive in Brazil, there are several issues to handle, such as applying for the foreigner identity card and making other types of arrangements. The card is provided by the Federal Police to temporary and permanent foreign residents and our lawyers can help you schedule the appointment to obtain the card. We can also help answer any questions about the special types of visas, such as those for investors, for which the entrepreneur will need to provide proof of the investment or shareholding in a Brazilian company.

Contact our law firm in Brazil for more information on applying for residence permits, naturalization and obtaining citizenship.