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Obtain Brazil Nationality

Obtain Brazil Nationality

The nationality and citizenship of a country are two different concepts. For instance, a person with Brazil nationality ceases to exercise his/her citizenship once their political rights are suspended after a criminal conviction. Brazilian nationals do not become citizens until they turn 18. An individual can withhold Brazilian citizenship without having Brazil nationality. The Brazilian law considers as citizens those people who were born in this country, or fall within The Equality Statute. If a foreigner obtains Brazilian nationality he/she will be subject to the same rules as a Brazilian born national. If a foreigner wants to obtain citizenship in Brazil, he/she can obtain this through one of the four different types of naturalization available in this country: ordinary, extraordinary, special, and provisional. 

Our lawyers in Brazil can assist you in the process of obtaining Brazilian nationality by following the suitable naturalization process as per your preference.

Citizenship in Brazil by Jus Solis and Jus Sanguinis

The Brazilian nationality law recognizes the right of Jus Solis and Jus Sanguinis. Jus Solis is the land right of a person that guarantees to an individual the citizenship of the country where he/she was born. So every child who is born within the territory of Brazil can apply for citizenship irrespective of his/her parent’s nationality. Jus Saguinis is the blood right of a person. It ensures to a person the right to citizenship in this country if one of the parents is Brazilian. 

Citizenship in Brazil by ordinary naturalization

To get Brazil nationality by ordinary naturalization, an individual needs to fulfill the following requirements:

  • No previous criminal conviction in the country of origin norBrazil;
  • Proficient in Portuguese to an extent;
  • Four years of permanent residency in Brazil;
  • Civil capacity, as per Brazilian law. If you need more information about acquiring citizenship in Brazil by naturalization, consult with our lawyers. They will guide you throughout the whole procedure of getting citizenship. Besides this, there are also other doors to becoming a citizen of this country. For instance, if you are a spouse to a Brazilian national, you may be eligible for citizenship. Get in touch with our lawyers to learn details of its procedure.

Citizenship in Brazil by extraordinary naturalization

A person of any nationality with no prior criminal record who has established permanent residency in Brazil for the past 15 years without any interruption can get Brazil nationality by extraordinary naturalization. Individuals who have already been rehabilitated under the current legislation in Brazil can also qualify for citizenship.

Citizenship in Brazil by special naturalization

The special Brazilian naturalization is granted to the spouse or partner of:

  • A person who is working abroad for the Brazilian state;
  • A member in activity of the Foreign Service;
  • An individual currently working in a diplomatic mission, or in a Brazilian consulate office;
  • An individual who worked in a diplomatic mission or in a Brazilian consulate office for more than ten years constantly. 

For obtaining citizenship in Brazil by special naturalization, an individual must be legally married for five years or more, must have civil capacity, must communicate in Portuguese and must not bear any prior criminal record.

Citizenship in Brazil by temporary naturalization

This type of naturalization is granted to children or adolescents who have established permanent residency in Brazil before the age of ten. Such individuals can apply for citizenship but the request must be made through the legal representatives of the applicant.  You should be aware that a “permanent” visa (visto permanente or visto definitivo) does not give permanent residence status from the time it is issued to a foreign national. A visto permanente should be viewed as a visa that starts you on the path to citizenship and permanent residency. Even though there are several kinds of vistos permanentes, retirement or investment visas are the most likely possibilities. If you are interested to get any one of the Brazilian residence permits, get in touch with our lawyers.

Application procedure for naturalization 

It is suggested to carry out the application procedure of naturalization in Brazil with the assistance of our Brazilian lawyers. The application for getting citizenship in this country implies the obtaining of several approvals from different Brazilian institutions and a problem at any level might cause unnecessary delay. The application for Brazil nationality is initially addressed to the Ministry of Justice, and it should be submitted to one of the Federal Police units. This unit will further process the application and forward it to the Department of Migration for analysis. In case of any discrepancy in the documents, the applicant will be given one month to resolve those problems. Once the application of naturalization is accepted, the Department of Migration will forward it to the National Secretary of Justice for a final decision. The Department of Migration will also issue a reasoned opinion related to the application and send it to the National Secretary of Justice for a final decision. The result for the naturalization application will be published in the Official Federal Gazette of Brazil. After this, the naturalized person will get his/her first national identity card. 

You can trust the services of our experienced attorneys in Brazil. They will help you in every possible manner to obtain Brazilian nationality.

Brazil net migration rate (2018-2021)

The following list shows the statistics of immigrants in Brazil from 2018 to 2021:

  • In 2018, the net migration rate in Brazil was 0.102 per 1000 population
  • In 2019, the net migration rate in Brazil was 0.087 per 1000 population
  • In 2020, the net migration rate in Brazil was 0,072 per 1000 population
  • In 2021, the current net migration rate in Brazil is 0.058 per 1000 population

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