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Immigrate to Brazil from US

Immigrate to Brazil from US

United States citizens are exempt from the visa requirements when traveling to Brazil for a 90-day period, with the possibility to extend its validity for the same amount of time. However, those who wish to immigrate to Brazil from the US will need to follow other requirements as per the purpose of their stay.

Our Brazilian lawyers are able to provide complete visa application assistance and can answer any needed questions prior to commencing the submission. By talking to us, you will make sure that the documents are all in order and that your application is likely to be accepted, having followed through with all the requirements.

 Quick Facts  
 Entry visa requirement (from US) (Yes/No)


Entry visa requirement (outside US) (Yes/No)


Types of visas available 

 Brazil Tourist Visa
Brazil Business Visa
Brazil Temporary Visa
Time frame for obtaining work visa (approx.) 6 – 8 days
Validity of temporary residence permit  Up to 1 year
Temporary residence permit renewal requirements 

Application form
Two recent, colorful 3×4 cm photographs, with a white background
Clear and full certified copy of the passport
Proof of temporary registration
 Enrollment guarantee

Documents for obtaining a residence visa  

National Registry of Foreigners (RNE)
Individual Taxpayer Registration (CPF)
Work and Social Security Card (CTPS)

Time frame for obtaining permanent residence (approx.) After four years of legal residency
Investor visa availability (Yes/No) Yes
Start up visa scheme availability (Yes/No) Yes
Sponsorship requirement (Yes/No) Yes
Time frame for obtaining citizenship  3 to 6 months
Citizenship/ Residency by investment scheme availability (Yes/No)  Yes
Taxation of foreign citizens   25% 
Tax benefits for foreign citizens  None

What are the main types of visas?

Nationality, as well as the reason for traveling to Brazil are two important factors when determining the reason for entry in the country. As stated above, US citizens can enter Brazil for a limited period (subject to extension) and during this time they can engage in tourism activities, participating in conferences and meetings, transiting or religious/spiritual activities, all within the stated time period. If you would like to receive punctual information, please reach out to our attorneys in Brazil.

For lengthier stays, as well as engaging in remunerated activities, US nationals need to check the applicable conditions and apply for a work visa or another type, as needed. Some of the purposes can include the following:

  1. Work: individuals can immigrate to Brazil from the US with an employment contract signed with a Brazilian company or organization as well as for performing technical assistance services or engaging in transference of technology activities and engaging in training activities for over 90 days;
  2. Business: consultants, auditors, managers or supervisors who are US citizens and will engage in long-term activities in the country;
  3. Artists and athletes: performing artists, competitors, singers, actors or models, make-up artists, photographers and others who will be in Brazil for more than 90 days;
  4. Family: US citizens who wish to move to Brazil from the US because they are the spouse, domestic partner or child of a Brazil resident (or temporary resident);
  5. Study: those who have been accepted to a university in Brazil, such as the University of São Paulo, for undergraduate and graduate programs.

Temporary residence, official or diplomatic visas as well as those issued for family reunification purposes are common and US citizens who wish to spend a significant period in Brazil, or even relocate here, need to know what is required for a legal stay.

If you wish to immigrate to Brazil from the USA, our lawyers can provide more details about the conditions and the categories of visas. For any other steps on immigration to Brazil, our team is ready to assist you. 

How to relocate to Brazil from the USA for employment

 US nationals who wish to relocate to Brazil for work must obtain employment visas after finding employment and signing an labor contract with a Brazilian company. This is one of the easiest ways of moving to this country from the United States, as the employer will be completing most of the immigration procedure.

The American citizen can then go on with the visa application at the Brazilian embassy in the United States once the employer receives the authorization. Depending on the type of work, there are several types of visas to obtain. The maximum validity of work permits is 2 years.

A newer program allows one to move to Brazil from the USA as a digital nomad.

Employment can be used as a main way for immigration to Brazil, especially since it can also lead to permanent residency.

Should you need guidance on how to immigrate here as an employee or digital nomad, please ask for support from our Brazilian lawyers.

Move to Brazil from the USA as family member of a resident/citizen

American citizens who have a family member who lives in Brazil as a resident and decide to join him or her, you must apply for a Brazilian family reunion visa.

The following family members can apply for a family reunion visa when immigrating to Brazil from the United States:

  • the spouse or civil partner of an American citizen holding a residence permit in Brazil;
  • children or grandchildren of an American national holding a Brazilian residency;
  • stepchildren of an American holding a residency visa;
  • parents or grandparents of a person possessing residency;
  • siblings (minor or financially dependent) of an American citizen holding a residence visa in Brazil.

The family reunion visa is valid for up to one year, so if you need guidance with the application, please address our law firm in Brazil.

Citizenship options for American citizens

To qualify for Brazilian citizenship, American citizens must have lawfully resided in this country for at least 4 years. This is available when choosing both naturalization and marriage.

A special condition that applies to American citizens seeking to obtain Brazilian citizenship is that they can also retain their US passports. So, if you need information on the procedures you need to complete in this sense, we kindly invite you to discuss your options with our lawyers in Brazil.

We are at your disposal with complete immigration solutions from the United States to Brazil, no matter the pathway you decide on.

Permanent relocation to Brazil

The goal of US nationals who choose to relocate to Brazil for immigration purposes can be to ultimately obtain citizenship. These types of applications can only be submitted in Brazil, however, our team of immigration lawyers can also assist you during this process.

The requirements for naturalization are quite specific and have to do with the applicant’s residence in the country. The following are the most important for those who relocate to Brazil from the US:

  • be registered as a permanent resident and have had uninterrupted residence in the country for at least four years prior to submitting the application;
  • sufficient Portuguese language knowledge that allows the applicant to read and write;
  • have a profession that allows the applicant to earn sufficient income so as to support oneself and his family (as applicable);
  • no income tax debts;
  • proof of good behavior and legal capacity;
  • good health;
  • absence of indictment or a sentence in Brazil for a crime that is punishable with more than one year of imprisonment.  

Our team can give you more details about these conditions. For the purpose of income, the applicant can show that he has a pension for work performed in Brazil, that he/she is married to a Brazilian citizen, is supported by a parent, relative, or descendant who has sufficient income, or that he is a student with a maximum age of 25.

Living uninterruptedly in Brazil for four years does not include justified trips abroad when the absence does not exceed 18 months.

The four-year period can be reduced in the following cases:

  1. One year: when the applicant has a Brazilian child or is married to a Brazilian national as well as when he/she has a Brazilian parent or when he/she has the ability to provide relevant services to Brazil, as per the discretion of the Minister of Justice;
  2. Two years: when the applicant offers valuable professional or scientific services;
  3. Three years: when the applicant is an entrepreneur who complies with certain requirements for having made substantial investments in the country.

A special situation arises when the foreign citizen has been living in Brazil for more than 15 years. In this case, those who have no criminal conviction can be granted Brazilian citizenship without having to meet any other requirements. If you would like to know more about other routes to becoming a citizen, we can give you more details about Brazil citizenship by investment.

Please keep in mind that the information provided in this article is not the equivalent of personalized legal assistance in order to move to Brazil from the US. Each case is different and the motives for relocation may mean that the applicant will need to follow through with a number of additional steps.

If you are an investor who is interested in a Brazilian residency permit, consult with our lawyers. You can apply for an investor’s visa if you have invested at least USD 50,000 in a productive activity within the country. Alternatively, you may invest less but hire ten Brazilians. You will need to present a good funding and investment strategy for this sort of solution. This visa has a five-year validity period. It can be converted into a work permit if you can demonstrate that the plan’s objectives are being met.

Population statistics in Brazil

According to recent data:

  • at the beginning of 2024, there were 215 million people living in Brazil;
  • 87.6% of the population lives in urban areas;
  • the city of Sao Paolo is home to no less than 11.45 million people.

Contact our immigration lawyers in Brazil who can provide personalized assistance and answers. We can help you relocate to São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro or another chosen city.