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Move to Brazil from Europe

Move to Brazil from Europe

The Brazilian Foreigners Statute differentiates between a range of short-term and permanent visas for individuals who plan to stay in this country for limited or indefinite periods. Tourist and business visas are examples of short-term visas. If you plan to move to Brazil from Europe, you should be aware that tourists from European Union member states are permitted to enter the country for up to 90 days without a visa. Business visas are only valid for short-term business trips and do not allow the holder to work in Brazil. However, other sorts of temporary visas, such as those for exchange students, volunteers, religious missionaries, researchers, artists, may be awarded for a longer time. So, as a European citizen, if you want to immigrate to Brazil from Europe for the long term, you must carry out the visa application procedure. Due to bilateral agreements with a few of Brazil’s neighbors, including Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay, citizens of these nations are exempt from acquiring a visa to visit Brazil. Numerous European citizens may enter without a visa as long as they have a valid passport. Get in touch with our lawyers to learn if you can immigrate to Brazil without a visa or not.

To save your time and avoid mistakes while carrying out the application procedure of relocation from Europe to Brazil, you can interact with our lawyers. The skilled lawyers at our law firm in Brazil can help you throughout the process of visa application and document submission. In addition to the assistance regarding relocation, you can also get the legal services of our lawyers if as a foreigner you are facing difficulties in debt collection. Our Brazilian lawyers will proceed the debt collection amicably on your behalf. In case, no satisfactory results come out, our attorneys will present your case in the Brazilian court.

Ways to move to Brazil from Europe

As aforesaid, you can visit Brazil for a limited time without obtaining a visa as a European national tourist. But if you permanently want to move to Brazil from Europe, here are some ways given below. You can select any one that is suitable for you:

  • Anyone who decides to immigrate to Brazil must obtain citizenship at some point. After living in the country for at least 4 years without interruption, an immigrant can make a petition for naturalization. Then, after only one year in the country, a Brazilian citizen’s spouse, parent, or kid can seek citizenship. Brazilian citizenship is automatically granted to children born in Brazil to foreign parents;
  • Investment is the most straightforward way to migrate to Brazil and obtain residency. The applicant and his or her family are eligible for a permanent visa if they invest in Brazil;
  • Every year, many NGO volunteers and workers and missionaries, and preachers travel to Brazil. In addition, they may migrate to Brazil with a permanent Brazilian visa if employed in directorial or managing roles;
  • Many retirees prefer to spend their golden years in Brazil. The application of a retiree can be started in the applicant’s home country or at a Brazilian consulate.

It is worth noting that a person who marries a Brazilian citizen or permanent resident can only apply for this visa if the Brazilian citizen already lives in Brazil or the pair intends to live there permanently. Besides these, you can also interact with our knowledgeable lawyers if you want to move to Brazil from Europe as an inter-company transferee or as an extraordinarily skilled person. They will provide you with detailed legal assistance in this regard. Furthermore, they will also help you with document submission because the requirement for paperwork varies from visa to visa. 

In addition to visas, our lawyers can advise you on how to obtain Brazilian citizenship. After four years of lawful residence in Brazil, a person is eligible for citizenship. For those in a marital relationship with a Brazilian citizen, the term is one year. A child born in the country to at least one Brazilian parent becomes a citizen automatically. 

Gross domestic product (GDP) of Brazil 2020

Among all the reasons people tend to move to Europe from Brazil, a stable economy is the major one. The stability in the Brazilian economy attracts individuals and offers them a settled livelihood. You can find below the GDP of Brazil for the year 2020 below:

  • According to the official data of the World Bank, in 2020, the GDP of Brazil was worth 1444.73 billion US dollars;
  • Brazil’s GDP represents 1.28% of the world economy.

Contact our attorneys in Brazil if you want to move to Brazil from Europe. They can provide you with comprehensive guidance in this regard. You can ask immigration related questions from them. Our immigration lawyers will guide you through each step of relocation from one country to the other. Relocation is a complicated process and it may take an unreasonably lengthy period if a lay person does it without the legal assistance. So, it is recommended to avail legal assistance in such matters.

In addition to this, after you successfully move to Brazil from Europe, you can also rely on our lawyers to start a business there. They can help you understand the business structures available in this country and their obligations. You can also get business licenses and permits with the legal help of our Brazilian attorneys.  . In addition to this, our lawyers can also assist you in applying for residency in Brazil. If you have invested at least USD 50,000 in a productive activity within the country, you can apply for an investor’s visa. Or, you could spend less money but hire ten Brazilians. For this type of solution, you will need to present a solid funding and investment strategy. This visa is valid for five years. If you can show that the plan’s objectives are being met, it can be converted into a work permit.