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Immigrate to Brazil from Japan

Immigrate to Brazil from Japan

Japan has a migration history with Brazil and there is no doubt that immigration in Brazil from all around the globe has shaped the modern country and so does the migration of Japanese people. The state of Brazil is very welcoming to the immigrants of Japan who can even enjoy a definitive period in Brazil without a visa. Japanese have got this concession due to the friendly relationship between both countries. Japanese nationals try to settle down in Brazil due to the opportunities and lifestyle that Brazil has to offer. But the immigration procedure of Brazil is very complicated and lengthy for laypersons, therefore our Brazilian lawyers are available in our law firm in Brazil to assist people with their immigration process.

How Japanese can migrate to Brazil?

For permanent residency, a person must need to fulfill all the requirements of the immigration process in Brazil. As far as the immigration from Japan to Brazil is concerned, there are not any exceptional terms for the Japanese to carry out for settling in Brazil. Japanese also have to follow the same set of rules as the other foreign nationals to become permanent residents of Brazil.

This country offers permanent residency to the people who are investors and to those who are administrators, managers of a startup business or of a corporation. Such individuals need to fulfill the criteria that the authorities have set to get permanent residency in Brazil. A Japanese citizen can migrate to Brazil if he/she has a Brazilian spouse or child. For a Japanese citizen having a spouse in Brazil shortens the procedure time of getting permanent residency. Although these defined statuses also include bunch of rules and regularities with them, the assistance of a Brazilian lawyer can make the process easier.

When Brazil assigns a permanent residency visa to a Japanese citizen?

If a Japanese national has any of the statuses described above and he/she intends to live in Brazil for more than two years, then the local authorities may grant him/her a permanent residency visa. The purpose of a permanent residency visa is to allow Japanese individuals to live and work in Brazil for an indefinite period. But these permanent visas are subject to a revision right after three years from the date of issuance. Our lawyers in Brazil can assist a Japanese individual with his/her renewal of a visa. This renewal is important if he/she wants to live and work in Brazil uninterrupted. If a Japanese person continues to live in Brazil for four years with a permanent visa, he/she may apply for citizenship. Brazil may grant him/her citizenship if that Japanese person has enough knowledge of the country’s culture and understands it, if he/she speaks Portuguese etc. It is a rather straightforward process to give your child Brazilian citizenship at birth. You simply need to come to Brazil with enough time to settle in before having your kid, which immediately grants your child citizenship by birth. You should not, however, arrive at the border a few days before you or your partner are ready to give birth. So contact our attorneys; they can provide you with extensive advice and preparation in this respect.

Can Japanese travel to Brazil visa-free?

The citizens of Japan, the United States, Canada and Australia are visa-exempted when they visit Brazil. Japanese tourists have been given the facility of visiting Brazil visa-free with just a valid passport, but they still need to observe the rules and regulations of the country. The person who visits Brazil must need to fulfill the criteria of a tourist. Visa-free Japanese people can live in Brazil for 90 days. But it is upon them if they want to extend their stay, they can further live in Brazil for 90 days by applying for an extension with the Federal Police of Brazil. A person must need to qualify as a tourist under Brazil’s visa policy because if a person with a tourist visa is caught engaged in any business activities, he/she would be deported from the country. In 2017, Brazil announced the individuals of visa exempted countries no longer need to visit an embassy or consulate; they can simply apply for the document online by paying the fee online.  Our lawyers in Brazil can guide the Japanese visitors about the fees and regulations of the visiting procedure. When applying for a Brazil visa, you must provide documentation to support your application. The papers vary depending on the visa and the nation from which you are requesting, however, they include a passport which must be valid for at least six months more and contain at least two blank visa pages, a receipt of the Brazil Visa Application Form, a passport-sized photograph, etc. If you are seriously considering immigration to Brazil, get in touch with our lawyers. They will explain to further about the documentation as per your visa type.

The largest Japanese population outside Japan

Brazil represents the largest sum of Japanese people outside the Japan, but the immigration procedures have changed a lot after the enactment of new immigration law in Brazil.

  • – A roundabout of 3.6 million Japanese live outside their own country and the major reason was Second World War that compelled many of them to migrate to other states.
  • – The Japanese citizens migrated to Brazil in heavy sums in 1908 and started agriculture there. Later on, Japanese farmers became a major part of the Brazilian agricultural industry and became crucial to the agricultural development of Brazil.
  • – Now, Brazilians represents the biggest non-Asian ethnic group of individuals inside Japan.
  • – The Japanese culture is very famous in Brazil and its living example is the Bon festival in Sao Paulo.
  • – Brazil promulgated on May 24, 2017, Law No. 13,445 a new migration law that has changed immigration procedure a lot because now migration procedures are very long and complicated.

Any Japanese citizen who is seeking to reside in Brazil for good can contact our law firm in Brazil for details. The permanent visa in Brazil may be issued to foreign nationals who intend to stay in the country for more than two years and are married to a Brazilian citizen or permanent resident, retired individuals who receive a regular pension, qualified employees or professors, scientists or researchers, administrators, investors or directors of companies located in ZPE (free trade area), investors, or members of a religious order. If you are interested in getting permanent residence permit in Brazil, get help from our lawyers.