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Types of Visas in Brazil

Types of Visas in Brazil

There are 14 different kinds of visas in Brazil that allow you to travel to this country for various purposes. VIVIS, VIDIP, and VITEM are the three different categories of visas in Brazil that impose additional requirements on individuals. For example, visas for tourism, seminars, visiting relatives, or business meetings fall under VIVAS, and you can stay in Brazil for a maximum of 90 days under this category. On the other hand, the VIDIP category of visas is for official and diplomatic visits. Whereas VITEM is further divided into various types, most of its visa programs require a personal appearance.

You can trust the legal services of our law firm if you want to learn in detail about different visas in Brazil. Our lawyers in Brazil will also provide you with legal assistance in the process of obtaining a visa.

Brazil visa requirements

If you are interested in acquiring a visa, you must fulfill the Brazil visa requirements first. Please note that the application-related documents may vary from country to country. Before submitting, make sure that the required documents are apostilled by the Brazilian embassy in your country. The skilled lawyers at our law firm in Brazil can provide you with legal assistance in the matter of fulfilling the application requirements:

  • Your valid passport must have two blank visa pages;
  • Passport-sized picture;
  • The Brazil visa application form receipt;
  • Return flight ticket;
  • When submitting a Brazil visa application, you must provide proof of accommodation, like, hotel reservation in Brazil. You can also present a letter of invitation if you will stay in your family or friend’s home;
  • If you are immigrating to Brazil with the purpose of employment, you must provide your employment letter; our immigration lawyers can better guide you regarding this matter;
  • Provide proof of your financial means to cover the expenses of your stay in Brazil;
  • Proof of paid visa fee and do not forget to add a pre-paid return envelop.

While fulfilling Brazil visa requirements, please keep in mind that you will be required to submit the documents according to your visa type, such as the documents for Brazil work visa, family reunion visa, or business visa. Our experienced lawyers can legally assist you in the submission of a Brazil visa application. Besides getting a visa, if you are also interested to know how to apply for Brazilian citizenship, the services of our lawyers are at your disposal. There are no restrictions on the number of nationalities for Brazilians who have foreign nationality through birth (jus soli) or ascendancy (jus sanguinis). This implies that foreigners in Brazil do not have to give up their main citizenship in order to get Brazilian citizenship.

Types of visas in Brazil

Brazil offers three main categories of visas that are as follows:

  • VIDIP: this category of visas in Brazil allows diplomatic and official visits;
  • VIVAS: please keep in mind that if you obtain any visa that falls under this category, you are not allowed to engage in any business in Brazil. VIVAS includes transit, conference, photographers, journalists, tourism, business meetings, and ship crew visas;
  • VITEM: this category provides a wide range of visas in Brazil. VITEM I offers cultural and academic research visas. Sportspersons and artists can get the visa that comes under the VITEM III category. VITEM IV offers study visas as well as a supervised academic exchange program. VITEM V offers visas for professional training exchange programs, work, and news correspondents.

Visas in Brazil also fall under VITEM VII, VITEM VIII, VITEM IX, VITEM XI, and VITEM XIII, and all these categories require the applicant’s appearance. Our lawyers in Brazil can help you get any visa from the above-described visas. If you are planning to apply for a residence permit in Brazil, consult with our lawyers. They will guide with all types of visas which Brazilian government is offering right now. Based on those visas, you can choose anyone for relocation. Our lawyers will describe to you the benefits of that specific visa along with the procedure for the application for residency. Our lawyers will describe to you the benefits of that specific visa along with the procedure for the application for residency. Brazil is not only varied in terms of wildlife but also in terms of culture. Brazil is actually a melting pot of many cultures as a consequence of centuries of migration and colonization by several European nations, as well as blending with indigenous peoples. This makes for an intriguing environment to live in, where individuals from all over the world may feel at ease. If you are an extrovert who enjoys traveling and interacting with people, Brazil may be the place for you. If you are contemplating relocating to Brazil, consult our immigration attorneys for assistance.

Brazil immigration statistics

There are different kinds of visas in Brazil that compel foreigners to immigrate here, and a considerable increase can be seen in the immigration statistics of Brazil from 2010 to 2015:

  • Brazil accommodated 638,582.00 foreigners in 2005, which is a 6.72% decline from 2000;
  • In 2010, Brazil welcomed 592,568.00 immigrants, which is 7.21% less from 2005;
  • In 2015, the number of immigrants in Brazil increased to 713,568.00, which is a 20.42% increase from 2010.

You are welcomed to contact us to learn any information regarding visas in Brazil and their application processes. In addition, you can also get the legal assistance of our attorneys if you are facing any issues regarding divorce proceedings in Brazil.