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Immigrate to Brazil from Ukraine

Immigrate to Brazil from Ukraine

Immigration to Brazil is available for citizens all over the world, including Ukrainian ones. They have various types of visas and several options in terms of residence permits they can apply for and move to Brazil.

You are welcome to get in touch with the seasoned lawyers located at our law firm in Brazil. They will provide you with comprehensive guidance about immigration. It is recommended to avail of legal assistance if you want to relocate to Brazil from Ukraine because this legal support will help you avoid any unnecessary delays in the immigration process. 

Types of Brazilian visas

If you are planning to immigrate to Brazil from Ukraine, you can get help from our knowledgeable lawyers. You can also find below a list of Brazilian visa types on which you can relocate to Brazil from Ukraine:

Work visa

If you have a job offer in Brazil, you can apply for a work visa. Your employer must obtain clearance from the Brazilian Ministry of Labor before hiring you. The Ministry of Labor will notify the Brazilian consulate where you will apply for a work visa once the request has been approved.

The visa will be stamped on your passport and you will be able to immigrate to Brazil from Ukraine, where you must register with the Federal Police within 90 days.

Business visa

The Brazil business visa is a type of visa that is granted to individuals who want to move to Brazil from Ukraine for business purposes. Attending meetings, negotiating, reporting (for journalists), signing contracts, and serving on an airline are all included in this visa type. 

Tourist visa

Tourist visas are provided to foreigners who wish to visit Brazil for a brief period of 90 days. If you intend to relocate to Brazil from Ukraine as a tourist or for leisure purposes, including sporting activities, you do not need to apply for a tourist visa, because Ukrainians are exempt from obtaining a tourist visa for Brazil. This type of visa can also be used those interested in working remotely from here.

If you want to immigrate to Brazil from Ukraine on any of the above visa types, you are suggested to interact with the skilled immigration lawyers located at our law firm in Brazil. Furthermore, if you want to apply for Brazilian citizenship, our skilled lawyers can also assist you in this matter. They will provide you with comprehensive guidance about the advantages of acquiring Brazilian citizenship

Permanent visa residency

To start a commercial firm in Brazil, you will need to get an investor visa, which permits you to invest in Brazilian stock and create a bank account there. To get a permanent visa residency in Brazil, you can get legal consultancy from our skilled lawyers. Furthermore, our lawyers can also assist you if you want to open a business in Brazil. They will also help you to comply with the corporate taxes. Because if you want to run your business in a foreign country like Brazil without facing any hurdles, you must comply with the Brazil company’s regulations. You must also obtain different licenses and permits for the regulation of your business in this country. Our attorneys in Brazil can also help you obtain these permits if required for your business. 

Humanitarian visas for Ukrainian refugees

Due to the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, huge masses from Ukraine are relocating to different countries and Brazil is also one of them. To assist and alleviate Europe’s refugee problem, the Brazilian government is providing humanitarian visas to Ukrainians escaping the conflict. These immigrants will be granted temporary residence for two years after a 180-day stay. They will then be able to apply for a permanent visa. If you want to immigrate to Brazil from Ukraine on Humanitarian grounds, you can get help from our skilled lawyers.  Besides Humanitarian grounds, if you are thinking about immigration to Brazil on any other visa, consult with our lawyers. For instance; many retirees decide to go to Brazil to spend their golden years there. A retiree must register as a transfer of retirement pension in order to get a permanent visa. This procedure can be started in a Brazilian consulate or the applicant’s place of residence. 

Brazil visa processing time

If you want to immigrate to Brazil from Ukraine, you must know that the time it takes to get a Brazilian visa varies depending on which embassy or consulate is handling your application. However, you can anticipate waiting 10 to 15 days after submitting your entire application. Long-term visas might take a little longer. Make sure you apply far ahead of time for the dates you want to go.

You are welcome to rely on our lawyers if you further want to acquire residency in Brazil after visa approval. Our lawyers in Brazil will provide you with detailed guidance regarding residency in Brazil.  Brazil has an investor visa that grants permanent residency immediately. A minimum of BRL 500,000 must typically be invested in real estate or a Brazilian start-up in Brazil. The investment amount is less if you create 10 jobs for Brazilian residents or go towards technology, innovative products, or scientific research. If you want to get a residence permit in Brazil, you can use the services of our lawyers.

Percentage of immigrants in Brazilian cities 

Brazil’s tremendous cultural variety is the reason for centuries that this country is embracing immigrants from all over the world:

  • Immigrants account for 22% of the population of Rio de Janeiro;
  • Immigrants constitute 18.2% of the population of Sao Paulo.

Contact our law firm if you want to immigrate to Brazil from Ukraine. Our skilled immigration lawyers will guide you legally through the whole relocation process.