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How to Migrate to Brazil from India

How to Migrate to Brazil from India

There are several benefits if an individual plans to relocate to Brazil from India, for instance, Brazil’s economy is expanding, and there are lots of work opportunities. Citizens have access to both free public and private health care. You will need a permanent visa if you wish to move to Brazil from India and make it your home. The online visa for Indians is valid for two years and permits them to enter Brazil for up to 90 days. Visa holders can enter Brazil many times till the validity term expires.

Our seasoned immigration lawyers located at our law firm in Brazil can provide you with assistance if you are seeking detailed and updated information regarding how to migrate to Brazil from India. Besides relocation, our lawyers in Brazil can also provide you with legal information if you want to apply for citizenship in this country. The Ministry of Justice oversees the application process for Brazilian citizenship. Before approving your application, Ministry officials will review a number of documents that you must submit with it, the most important of which are your criminal record, employment, and financial situation. O learn about the list of other documents that you are required to submit, get in touch with our lawyers. 

Types of visas in Brazil

If you are interested to move to Brazil from India, you can get a temporary or a permanent visa depending upon your choice. The Brazilian permanent visa is divided into six categories. Here you can find information collected by our Brazilian attorneys and you are also welcomed to get in touch if you have more questions regarding how to migrate to Brazil from India:

1. Visa for individuals of extraordinary abilities

With a job opportunity from a Brazilian academic institution or scientific research organization, you along with your remarkable ability in science, technology, academics, or research can apply for a permanent visa. This comprises roles in education. To be qualified for a permanent visa to enter Brazil, the applicant must show documentation of his/her educational background and how it relates to the job being offered.

2. Intra-company transferee to work in different roles

Companies in Brazil can hire foreigners in managerial positions with a permanent visa if they invest at least 600,000 Reais per foreigner or invest 150,000 Reais and create 10 new jobs. If you lack this investment amount, there are also other visa types that you can use to relocate to Brazil from India.

3. Personal investment in Brazil

This is most likely the simplest way to relocate to Brazil from India and obtain residence. The applicant and his/her family are eligible for a permanent visa if they invest in Brazil. It is advisable to interact with our lawyers in Brazil if you are planning to move to Brazil from India by getting an investment visa. Our lawyers can guide you in detail regarding investment amount and other necessary obligations as well. Furthermore, you can also obtain detailed and updated information if you want to open a business in Brazil. Our lawyers will guide you to the possible sectors where you can make sustainable investments.

4. Brazilian family reunion visa

This visa is for the spouse and dependents of a Brazilian citizen or permanent resident. It is worth noting that a person who marries a Brazilian citizen or permanent resident can only apply for this visa if the Brazilian citizen already lives in this country or the couple intends to live here permanently. If you have any confusion about how to migrate to Brazil from India on a spouse visa, our skilled lawyers will provide you with practical help throughout the process.

5. Transferring retirement residence

A growing number of retirees are opting to spend their golden years in Brazil. A retiree must register as a transfer of retirement pension to get a permanent visa. The application can be started at the applicant’s home country or a Brazilian consulate. If you are planning to move to Brazil from India after your retirement this is the best visa type to apply for.

6. Work for a religious organization/social assistance organization

Every year, a large number of volunteers and workers from non-governmental organizations, missionaries, and preachers visit Brazil. They may move to Brazil with a Brazilian permanent visa if they are engaged in directorial or managing roles. So, if you are wondering how to migrate to Brazil from India as a volunteer or worker, you can get in touch with our attorneys.

In addition to the information regarding all the visa types, if you need any guidance about obtaining residency in Brazil, you are welcome to interact with our knowledgeable lawyers. Brazil is known for its complicated bureaucracy and extensive paper trail, the procedure can be time-consuming. If a visa of monetary value is sought, applications should be submitted to the Ministry of Labor. The Brazilian Embassy handles all other procedures. A Brazilian specialist should be consulted in matters pertaining to the receipt of a permanent resident visa. Our lawyers are available to assist you in acquiring Brazilian residency. 

Brazilian visa application process for Indians

The papers and visa criteria to apply for a Brazilian visa are determined by the type of permit you sought. Short-term visas usually require minimal documents and are processed swiftly. Work and other long-term visas, on the other hand, may necessitate the submission of additional documentation (such as an employment contract) and extended processing timeframes. The majority of visas are obtained through the Brazilian embassy or consulate. The candidate will need to schedule an appointment, attend an interview, and have all relevant documents with them. They can also hire an agent to handle the paperwork for them. Our immigration lawyers in Brazil can look after your paperwork with necessary due diligence, and also provide you with guidance about how to migrate to Brazil from India. If you want to immigrate to Brazil for good, please keep in mind permanent visa has strict requirements that might take a long time to fulfill. An Identity Card obtained by registration with the Federal Police, a Work Card from the Labor Department, and a Tax Identification Card from the Ministry of Finance are required for anybody who intends to stay in Brazil for a while longer than three months. Visa and work permit requirements are subject to sudden change. It is essential to get the most recent information by getting in touch with your local embassy or consulate. 

Immigration statistics in Brazil

Please find below Brazil’s recent net migration rate:

  • The current net migration rate for Brazil in 2022 is 0.043 per 1000 population;
  • Brazil’s net migration rate in 2021 was 0.058 per 1000 population;
  • In 2020, Brazil’s net migration rate was 0.072 per 1000 population;
  • In 2019, the net migration rate for Brazil was 0.087 per 1000 population.

Contact our law firm in Brazil if you still have any ambiguities regarding how to migrate to Brazil from India. Our seasoned lawyers will provide you with thorough answers and practical assistance. Furthermore, you can also get in touch with our lawyers if you need any additional immigration-related information.