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Immigrate to Brazil from Russia

Immigrate to Brazil from Russia

Our Brazilian lawyers can help Russian citizens immigrate to Brazil. They will assist you throughout the entire relocation procedure and help you obtain the right type of visa according to your purpose of stay. If you want to immigrate to Brazil from Russia, our immigration attorneys are at your disposal.

When it comes to moving to Brazil, you can expect a long and drawn-out procedure. This is especially true if you are unfamiliar with the country’s rules and regulations. Because all immigration instructions are written in Portuguese, the procedure becomes much more cumbersome. So, it is recommended to ask for legal assistance if you want to immigrate to Brazil from Russia.

For this purpose, you are welcome to rely on our skilled lawyers in Brazil. The immigration process in Brazil is not straightforward and it comprises various complicated steps.

Any mistake during the relocation process can cause a delay in your plan. To avoid any unnecessary delays, you can get in touch with our seasoned immigration lawyers. Research is important before immigrating to Brazil. It is the fifth-biggest country in the world and the largest nation in both South and Latin America. It is the only nation in the world that is on the equator yet still has a continuous territory outside of the tropics, and it has a population of around 192 million. Brazil has a resource-rich economy with thriving manufacturing, agricultural, and mining sectors. Get in touch with our lawyers to learn more about the reasons for relocation to this country.

The application process to immigrate to Brazil from Russia

Please find below a general guide if you want to move to Brazil from Russia. Fortunately, Russians are exempted from acquiring a tourist visa or a business visa for entering Brazil for up to 90 days during a 180-day period.

For further details, you can get in touch with our experienced lawyers located at our law firm in Brazil.

  1. Russian nationals do not require a tourist visa/business visa to enter Brazil for up to 90 days;
  2. Russian citizens can proceed to the Brazilian immigration desk when they arrive;
  3. They must present a travel document, such as an original passport or a Russian travel document;
  4. After receiving your entrance stamp, you are free to enter Brazil and stay for the term of your stamping.

You need to follow the above mentioned four steps if you want to immigrate to Brazil from Russia.

In addition to this, there are several options accessible to you if you want to obtain residency in Brazil. One of the most prevalent visa option for obtaining residency is the temporary visa for retirees. If you already have a pension, the temporary visa for retirees may be the best option. It is intended for retirees, and you must be 60 years old to apply.

If you want to immigrate to Brazil from Russia and obtain residency, you can get legal help from our law firm. Our attorneys in Brazil can help you apply for the appropriate visa type as per your need.

Who can get a visa in Brazil?

A foreign national can get a permanent residency visa in Brazil in at least seven circumstances. If you want to move to Brazil from Russia, you will only be given an immigration visa if you meet the unique standards established by the Brazilian National Immigration Council or the Ministry of Labor.

If you fall under one of these categories you can immigrate to Brazil from Russia and obtain a permanent residence permit:

  • administrators, directors, or managers of a professional corporation or business;
  • directors, managers, or administrators of a start-up company;
  • investors;
  • high-level specialists or researchers;
  • retirees;
  • Russian citizens married to Brazilian citizens;
  • foreign nationals with a Brazilian child.

If you are married to a Brazilian citizen, a resolution of the National Immigration Council covers the issuance of a permanent residence visa. The application is filed with the Ministry of Justice, while you may alternatively go to a regional federal police office that represents the ministry or a Brazilian consular board.

You are welcome to interact with our lawyers if you fall under one of the categories discussed above. They will assist you to get a Brazilian visa as per your requirement.

Furthermore, if you want to apply for citizenship, our Brazilian lawyers can also provide you with legal help in this matter. They will explain the criteria necessary for acquiring citizenship in Brazil.

Marriage to a Brazilian does not automatically grant the foreigner Brazilian citizenship. It only allows him to apply for citizenship in this country. After one year in Brazil, a foreigner married to a Brazilian can apply for naturalization. The one-year period is also applicable to foreigners with Brazilian parents. To learn more about such reductions in the period of acquiring citizenship, get assistance from our lawyers.

Russian migration in Brazil

If you want to relocate to Brazil from Russia, you should know that:

  • Following the 1917 revolution, large numbers of Russian settlers began to arrive in Brazil in the 1920s;
  • Brazil is thought to be home to over 35.000 Russian immigrants. The majority of them are centered in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Parana, and Pernambuco; all have significant diaspora populations.

Contact our law firm if you want to immigrate to Brazil from Russia. Our skilled immigration lawyers will provide you with detailed guidance regarding relocation.

In addition to the legal assistance you need to move to Brazil from Russia, you are also welcome to rely on our lawyers if you want to open a business in this country.

Our skilled attorneys will guide you and inform you about the requirements of opening a business in Brazil.

Furthermore, you can also seek assistance from our lawyers in Brazil in case your business needs licenses and permits to regulate in this country.